Monday, January 19, 2009

Junkyard Dog

Meet Mollie. Mollie is our 7 year old bichon. Not your typical junkyard dog. But then, Mollie doesn't live in a typical junkyard. She lives in the house....much to my husband's dismay. You see, my husband (from here on out referred to as 'the great white hunter') was very adamant about not getting a pet. I over-ruled. For about the first three years of Mollie's existence in our home (basically the puppy stage) the great white hunter was civil, yet cool to me. As time passed and he saw how much our two girls grew to love her, she became a permanent fixture in our family. He tolerates her, and on occasion I've even seen him petting her. (Don't tell him I said that.)
Occasionally I let Mollie come with me to the junk work-shop. She was the official "seat tester" for this bench I made out of an old headboard. In that photo she looks more like a junkyard dog than a bichon. Nevertheless, she approved of the bench and it was ultimately sold at a previous JunkFest sale. Fortunately I've never had any encounters with a real "junkyard" dog, but I'm willing to bet it might be worth it...all for the sake of some good junk!!


  1. Oh sweet molliepants! i have YET to meet her! Bichon is such a sweet breed! I love their forehead fro's! ha!

    can't wait to see you at the wedding with your elegant lime green dress... ;)


  2. Cassie dear,
    I love your bench!! I have made a few, but none like this one! So cute!! and Btw... so is mollie!!! :D
    I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear!
    Debi xo


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