Thursday, January 29, 2009

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY...a junk event?

Since I live with a bunch of males in the house, there's no question Super Bowl Sunday falls under the title of a "holiday" in our home. It's a time for good food, good friends and good drinks. With junking in my blood, my family is used to me incorporating a junk quirk of some kind with any event we host. Whether it's the Christmas buffet dinner spread atop the antique sled on the kitchen island, or the summertime Mexican grilling party featuring a chippy pink door as the table and sombreros filled with chips and salsa, I happily admit: I love to entertain with JUNK!

So, here's a peek at some junk items I'll be using Sunday, but shhhh, don't tell my family, maybe they won't notice! Since I love scales, the large one shown will hold the enchilada casserole, and the small one will hold a family favorite...bacon wraps....yum, yum!

This trio will hold more father-in-law tells me the thing on the left is off a corn planter (it'll hold plates OR dinner rolls on Sunday). Chips and dips will fit nicely on the disc spool/
blade (thanks, dad!), shown on the right, and another hot food item will sit on the hot plate (front). It's actually the base of a lamp and a grate off an old, huh?

Normally the corn chopper piece (actually two of them) are the legs that hold an old rabbit cage in our family room. I thought they were perfect! Don't you?
At Christmas the disc spool/blade (shown below) held pretty crystal garland, along with silver and clear Christmas ornaments.... A little shiny plus a little rusty = junk pretty! Isn't your mind just spinning right now thinking of all the neat things you can do with this?! Filled with pumpkins for fall, soaps and towels in a bathroom, and of course, chips and dip! Yes, the possibilities are endless!

And last but not least, this unique plate holder is actually an old album holder for records (remember them?) It sits on my kitchen counter holding my favorite dinnerware. This wonderful find looks exactly how I found it...nice and rusty! The large rusty disc spool will hold all the silverware.
So throw that beer and soda in an old metal tub (filled with SNOW, of course!), sit back and enjoy the junk...oops...I mean the GAME!

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


  1. Oh my! I love this! Great way to incorporate old with new, junk with junkfood! ;)

    Happy Superbowl!

  2. What great ideas! I believe my favorite is the old album holder...I will have to remember that one the next time I run across run of those! Have fun at the is always a big party for our family, only now we get to go to my daughter's & her hubby's home and I get to play with grand baby's while everyone else is watching the game. YEAH!


  3. I'm so glad you stopped by and left a comment, affording me the opportunity to meet you! Love your blog! I'll be here for awhile, reading up. Thanks! Love the Game layout. ~Mindy

  4. Hello Andrea dear,
    How sweet of you to stop by my blog! I live in a small town called LeRoy, my youngest daughter lives in Manhattan!! And as for Green/Clay Center, I know where it is!! But as of yet I have not been there. :( I LOVE your blog!!!! And thank you for your wonderful comments dear! Those benches are so nice when sitting on the porch!! :D The weather was great today and Saturday, I got some bench sittin' done too!! :D Where is your shop?? My best friend and I were in Canton, Michigan last year in June for the National Bowling Tournment, and visited several flea markets in the area! Canton and Detroit too! Boy, for a small town girl... I loved Michigan's BIG cities! :D I am looking forward to getting back to read more of this great blog dear. And btw... I LOVE YOUR PLATE HOLDER!! and all the rest of the junk for serving!! I am going to have to remember that!! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed junkin' time!
    Debi xo

  5. Just had your Bourbon Chicken.

    The family loved it!

    KarenSue, Orlando, Florida

  6. Ohhhh fab dish holder! LOVE that one! You're one of my most fav junkers ever. :)


  7. ok I saw something like your record holder in Sheila from Notesongs, I just assumed it was for plates so now I have to go take a closer look. How cool, love your rusty stuff!

  8. That's all great stuff you have there! I love how you're using it--so creative and different! Great finds!!

  9. Terrific!!! I love your out of the box thinking!!!

  10. The entire night flowed perfectly, thanks to their staff manager’s input on a timeline, and the service all day and night was exceptional.


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