Friday, June 12, 2009

A little help please....

Here's a piece that I put together last summer. I had the old door for several weighs a ton (give or take a few pounds) and was an ugly fleshy-peach color. I found the table legs, still attached to a very ugly formica top, at a base surplus auction a couple of years ago. I thought the legs were unique and worth the trouble of finding someone to remove them and take the table top off of my hands, even though I didn't have a plan for them. When I "married" the door to the table legs I had to decide how to finish the piece to make it more uniform (and get rid of that fleshy color)!
As you can see, I decided on black. Actually, it's black with some distressing and dark staining over top. The legs look both brown and black in the photos, but they are solid black. Just the door/top is two toned brown and black. I love how it looks as is, and I think it would make a great desk, with the addition of glass on the top. Problem is, I don't have room for it as a desk anywhere in my house. I would like to move it upstairs to my bonus room where I sew and my daughter "creates." That room is very light and bright and the dark color just wouldn't work.
Please pardon the dust, it's been in storage for the last year. What would you do with this piece? What are your color suggestions? I'd love to hear your comments or suggestions!


  1. I don't know how tall it is but my first thought was to make a foam cushion for the top and use it as extra seating.....

  2. You know me, I love it as you have it right now! And the touch of brown glaze on top softens the black and gives it definition. With the addition of glass or plexiglass either in the panels or over the entire door, there would be an opportunity to display favorite old photos or perhaps letters of the alphabet spelling out a word. Can't wait to see it either in your sewing room or JunkFest!

  3. Gosh, I was thinking you could mist it with some copper and pale moss green paint to kind of brighten it up. I love spray paint for these purposes. On tThe inset panels on the door you could actually put some distressed copper sheeting in there for some shine and brightness...or possibly even some old mirrors (or make some out of glass with your silver paint). OK, you are probably scared now. I'm also big on painting quotes or bits of poems around door borders and I can see something like that as well. Not bright copper or paint, just distressed paint.

  4. I would paint it white, lightly distress it, add glass and use it as a kitchen table in my kitchen. The chairs I would add, would all be different in what ever color or wood stain I found them in..

    Have Fun,

  5. When I first saw this table it appears in these photos to be the perfect height for a long coffee table. However, it may be a full height of a table instead. From its style of legs it doesn't appear to be able to be made into a bench as one person suggested. The legs would fold under, or so it appears.
    I'd add a nice thick glass to what you have and call it done. Someone would love it at Junkfest. Quite unique with the two pieces you've married together. Love it!

  6. Oh Cass... you're amazing!

    Of course I'd either go ALL BLACK, or all WHITE.

    Someday we'll "create" in that room together! :) i mean it!

    love ya

  7. I would leave it as is and put it outside next to my patio furniture and use it for a table!!
    Love it :)

  8. Hi ladies!

    LOVE the table! You know the Junkin' Yaya---gotta have some distressed turquoise on that there table! :)

    Have a great week! xo...deb

  9. Hi there!! I would also paint it white, but I would distress it and then add a brown glaze (wiped off) to soften the white. I would also like to ask you a question. I have been trying to figure out how to change my playlist to run vertically forever. Yours is the first one that I have seen that is vertical. Would you be willing to let me know how you did that??

    My Desert Cottage

  10. I'm playing catch up with my blogging I've missed out on all of the fun. Although...I don't have the clever eye that you and your Junk Sistas do anyway.... ;-) What did you do with it, Cassie?!

  11. We have several old doors in our home and I've been wanting to create the same thing- just need to find the damned legs! Yours are a great choice! I plan on putting glass over my doors to have a flat space to work on. Maybe do that w/ yours, or another see thru material or one of those metal sheets you see at lowes n such. Not sure if they're for heating, etc., but there's a design of holes cut thru them which sometimes looks antique in nature/won't completely cover the door (which we don't want). Also love the top comment on making a seat! Now I'll have to w/ one of our extra doors! Thanks so much for posting. Yours is perfewct! :)


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