Friday, June 5, 2009

This junker's favorite scents...part 1

Even though spring and warm weather have been slow in getting to these parts, their arrival never fails to appeal to my senses. With that said, I'd like to share with you some of my all time favorite smells....courtesy of mother nature.

Is there a better scent than that of the lilac? I think not! I only wish their beautiful blooms and heavenly aroma would last longer. Along with summer, their season is much too short here in North Dakota! Second in line, only to the lilac, is the peony! Both of these flowers bring back memories of visiting my grandparents as a young child, in their sleepy little town, with flower gardens that seemed to cover an entire city block! It was tradition, each time we visited in the summer months, to walk through the yard and take in all that my grandmother's beautiful flowers had to offer (both visually and aromatically) before we ever made it into the house. She had many different blooming beauties, but these are two of my favorites.

Another favorite scent, is that of freshly laundered linens and sheets drying on the clothesline. Although I was never too enthused about hanging them out to dry, gathering them and inhaling that sunwashed linen scent was well worth the risk of crossing the path of a garter snake or two! (sort of)

What better than to combine those two scents by hanging a mason jar or milk bottle on the line with a freshly plucked bloom or two?
Have a great weekend!


  1. Now, don't you paint a pretty picture and have me sniffing for some whiffs of nature? Good tiems on JunkFest today. Thanks, Cassie! ~Mindy

  2. Well, I am probably one of the very few who does not hang their laundry out to dry, but uses A CLOTHES DRYER!! =00

    Hanging the jar with the flower on the line is a great idea, but i will just have to hang mine somewhere else. It would be cute anywhere, fence, garage door, front porch, mailbox post.
    Now where were those mason jars?

    Blessings and thanks for sharing.
    Barbara Jean

  3. Beautiful. Two of my favorite flowers AND I hang out clothes all the time here in AZ to dry. Sometimes the first clothes are dry before you end up hanging the full load - no humidity and 100 degree heat. Wonderful post.

  4. Cassie -
    I love hanging clothes to dry, the smell is fabulous!! (I definitely could do without snakes also.....phobia of those slithery things) Great idea with the mason jar.

  5. Lilacs, peonies and clothes on the line -- thanks for bringing up great memories of my childhood.

  6. All the sweet smells of the early summer. Hope you are enjoying them all this weekend. xo Joan

  7. hmmm, you have me sniffing! I love coffee just brewed and like you clothes on the line, I always take a huge gulp of that smell, just can't beat it! lol!

    nice post


  8. I can almost smell them! And they look so nice in your ironstone, love your pics!

  9. You're amazing.

    Please send some lilacs to Oregon.


  10. hey cassie! love love love your blog! just wanted to thank you for your nice note and say hello to a fellow lover of lilacs!...ooooh, they make me so happy! have a great one!

    beth ... patinaWHITE


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