Monday, June 1, 2009

Show 'N Tell

Yes, as Andrea mentioned in the previous post...garage sale season is among us! You got some great stuff's a peek at mine:

I seem to gravitate toward the same things every time I'm out.....white ironstone, vintage frames, and wonderfully tarnished silver! But that's okay, there'll be plenty to go around at JunkFest '09!

Oh yeah, and chairs! Love those chairs....especially those begging for a little attention and TLC! This one is oak and in great shape, minus the caning.

This last find actually came from a great little shop in Lingle, Wyoming.....I was passing through recently on my way to Denver and spotted a teeny tiny little sign that said "flea market." Well, you can understand to need to stop and check that out, can't you?! I spotted this vintage dress form and promptly made room for her in the car! I've never seen one made of heavy paper, but this one was assembled and resting on the adjustable wire stand it came with. My family thinks she looks a little "Madonna-esque!"
Aside from the dress form that I had to go all the way to Wyoming for, I did pretty well for only stopping at 2 sales!!

What did you find this weekend? Check out Today's Thrifty Treasures, hosted by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.


  1. OOohhh I looove Yard Sales... and it looks like you've gotten some amazing treasures!

  2. Oh, that chair is crying out for a pot of flowers set in it! I love old frames too. It seems I've said this about 5 times already today on other peoples' blogs, but I'll say it again: They just don't make things like they used too!

  3. Cassie -
    I seriously have to figure out a way to come to your Junk Fest!! I know there is going to be FABULOUS treasures there! I love the white ironstone and the chair is too cute!! I think I would put an enamelware bowl in it with flowers :)

  4. ... Love your stuff Cass! I'll be posting my finds later tonight :)

    p.s. next dress form you find is mine! :)


  5. Good stuff! I do believe I will follow up on my tagging today. Be sure to check in. ~Mindy

  6. Oh, white ironstone & lots of other fun finds! So there are 4 of you Junk sistahs, huh?! I'll have to figure out how to find all of you.

    Andrea, that pic on the beach was taken at Grand Cayman. We love the beach, anywhere, anytime!

    Thanks for linking to the party!

  7. Cassie, thank YOU for stopping by too! It looks like you Junk girls have a blast together. Wish you all lived near me, I don't have a lot of shoppers that love to do this with me.

    I hope you girls will follow my blog too! I'd love that.

  8. OH my, the junk fairy must have put some good finders dust on you! Awesome stuff!!

  9. Cassie - Awesome finds - love all the silver and ironstone...and the dress unique - love it too!


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