Sunday, July 19, 2009

Attention junkers...I need your opinion!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! While in a thrift store Friday, I ran across this unusual cloche. Well, that's what I'll call it anyway. It is hallowed out on the top...not sure why; perhaps for a candle? idea. Help me out, if you would, and give me your opinion on the different items I've come up with to glue on for a new top/handle...thanks! This was an old doorknob...
This was found in an alley behind a tire store. (Yeah, I picked it up).
This was a knob off something...
This is off the wheel of a child's'll need to be bent into shape a bit if I use this...
This is from a towel bar...
I was also thinking I could use a glass Christmas ornament...or a colored one...see my dilema?! Please help!


  1. They are all great ideas! My faves are the first, third, and fifth. Can't wait to see what you decide!


  2. I really like the old door knob and the towel holder. They are all cool ideas. Carol

  3. My vote... #1 or #3! I'm probably leaning more toward the doorknob.
    It will be cute no matter which one you choose.

  4. My #1 vote is the door knob - but, for a touch of elegance - the towel bar piece. Great cloche you found!!


  5. For sure 1,3, or 5.
    If you use 5 I would add a finial to the top in the hole.(if that would work).
    Would look more finished that way i think.
    I'm sure whatever you choose will look great.
    Sweet piece.
    (I've seen those before, but have no clue what was really supposed to be in there or what it was used for).

    Barbara Jean

  6. Got to go with the door knob!!

    I love that you picked up that tire store alley find, it has a hole in the top of it, I'm thinking paper weight and mount a vintage glass knob on the top of your tire store alley find.
    Have fun, can't wait to see what you choose.


  7. Door knob for sure. Looks like a marriage made in Heaven.

  8. Definitely door knob - at least in my eyes. That looks super cool and I would personally buy it in a heart beat. Maybe tie a little vintage lace around the doorknob. That is super neat.

  9. When I first saw the doorknob, I didn't think I had to look any farther...but the towel bar thingy is SaWeet! Great vision Andrea!!

  10. I love #4 & #6. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Just found your blog on Cottage Elements. Love you blog and your ideas. Thanks, Cheryl

  11. Love the doorknob or the knob. Love them.

  12. First off, let me say that I like that you have all of these "things" in the first place! I like either #1, 3 or 5. There, was I any help?!

  13. My vote is for the door knob or the towel bar-

  14. I think the door knob in the first photo is perfect!

  15. OOOH, I have some pf those glass things with a hole and I know I have some littles laying around to stick in em!! Well that sentence sounds kinda not good, LOL!! Great finds!! Janna


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