Friday, July 31, 2009

Crumbs on the counter, tools in the shop.

Yes, there are still crumbs on my counter. I first confessed here. But how sweet will it be when I sweep them into this vintage crumb tray?

Now on to the real reason I'm posting. Or more like...the real reason I haven't been! It's countdown time! The JunkGirls are crunching to create a wonderful array of goods for JunkFest 2009. We've hunted and gathered and now it's time to take those "treasures" we've found and restore their beauty! Or perhaps give them a funky touch too. :-) But in order to do that we need TOOLS!! Lots and lots of tools. Here are a few of my faves:

This is a gift from Sweet Man-O-Mine. It's a cordless circular saw!

And this little driver will be handy to get into those spots my larger drill won't fit in to. I haven't tried it yet because its...


Here's a better view of the sneak peek I showed you here. So sorry I teased you with partial pictures. heehee


  1. I can't read for all the dancing I'm doing with Duffy! Ok...favorite tool? I don't have a grinder, but I want one with a wire attachment thingy...for metal projects. My favorite in my possession would be my cordless drill. Love it! ~Mindy

  2. You better get to getting it all ready, can;t wait to see al lthe cool pics of the crusty rusty chippy junk you all cone up and back with!! Tootles, Janna

  3. Your heading made me think "Suds in the Bucket and the clothes hanging out on the line" Maybe you can do that in your spare time. My favorite tool is my step-son. He is a handy one!

  4. Great stuff, just found the like of ya myself !!


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