Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer's here!!!...

...and there's nothing prettier than rust and flowers!

The tall copper container was an auction find years ago...but the victorian fireplace grate is my new favorite!
I got this gal from the Greenhouse and I always like to find an unusual plant to give her a fun little "hat"...this year I chose sage (can't wait till it gets a little bigger). The hen & chicks in the old drawers were Cassie's idea...but hers look a lot better than mine!!

A vintage collapsible hamper holds a large planter that's been covered in burlap...just a little more sunshine and warmth and these "million bells" should be spilling out of their container and looking a lot more lush.

This was an old restaurant masher/creamer. Though I've never been known to shy away from some good mashed potatoes, I do love it filled with an ivy geranium even more.
So, look around, comb through that junk-pile...and put something a little unexpected in your garden...and enjoy the wonderful weather!


  1. Everything looks delicious! Yep there's nothing like crusty rusty beauties to put lovely vibrant plants in for the summer. I love your blog and your style it is pure splendor!


  2. Wow! Awesome "flower pots" you have there! Looks to me like SweetMelissa is the only one that wasn't on the ball with her flower gardens this year. But hey...I'm loving all the pics and enjoying the view...and taking notes for next year!

  3. Your flowers look awesome in these fun pots Lynette! Great Job....makes me want to go work in my flower beds.

  4. Love everything! It all looks so healthy and lovely in your junk containers! I've been MIA on blogging so this is a nice surprise to come back to.


  5. Love all your flower containers Lynette! I agree the fireplace grate is A+!

  6. Ah-ha! You've just given me a great tip with your use of burlap! Thanks, Lynette!

    I've actually been enjoying the last couple of evenings...rummaging around the farm for junk containers. I don't think I've ever -- in fact, I know I've never -- had this much fun with plantings...thanks to you JunkGirls! ;-)


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