Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 reasons to be at JunkFest

Five good reasons to be at JunkFest 2009... #1. WHEELS, lots and lots of wheels.
#2. BURLAP, rough, rustic and in all it's natural glory.
#3. RUSTED perfection.
#4. CHIPPY elegance.#5. Enough SURPRISES to knock your socks off!
So don't forget to come to Carrington, ND...just like this iron piece says!!
And get there early, so you can pay your $2 charity admission and get in line!!


  1. i plan on being there!

    any recommendations on eating places and accomodations and of course area stores to visit?

  2. Shut up and look at these pics, I wiish I was not affraid of planes!!!!! HELP!! Hugs, Janna

  3. You had me at the BURLAP BAGS then I flipped out when I got to CHIPPY ELEGANCE!!! Holy Ta-Moly!!! If I can figure outta way to get Janna on plane we are soooooooooooo there!
    Beth :0)

  4. Ahhh, you sure know how to make a Texas girl wanna be in SD Saturday, Sept 12.

    Instead, I will be dressing the window at Winnie & Tulula's. Imagine, I have a show Sept 25-Oct 3 and I have a window to dress at my store. Eeek! Where are those grown up R's?

    Love the wheel and the covered mysteries sure do peak my interest! Y'all have fun!


  5. Mindy! Just keeping driving/flying North honey, cause we're in North Dakota NOT South Dakota! We're sure hoping neighboring South Dakotans show up (and every other state in the union for that matter) come on, you TEXAS women...jump on that plane, train or automobile and get your butts up here, we can't wait to show you all our awesome Northern JUNK! :)

  6. Crud. Can we chalk that up to a typo? I read the blog. I sooo knew that!

    You know good and well I am spending all my pennies on corks. No way I can make the trip. But, I'd love to see some Texas woman up there!

    And 2 weeks after your show, you should spend all your earnings to come see me!!! ~Mindy

  7. I got a little nervous #5 was going to say Enough SURPRISES to knock the SHEET out of you!! I should've known you gals have a lot more class than I do. ;)

    Unfortunately I have 4 reasons I won't be able to make it to JunkFest this year. They are Indiana, Illinois, Wisconson and Minnesota. Boohoo. Those four reasons won't keep me away forever though!

  8. Oh those burlap bags are glorious! Sure wish I could be there, Dawn

  9. I WANT the burlap with the butterfly!!!!


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