Wednesday, August 26, 2009

JUNK FEST: It's all about the three R's

When people ask us what the heck Junk Fest is, I always find it hard to explain. Then while cleaning up some great heavy cast aluminum letters I found recently, it dawned on me that our answer should simply be that Junk Fest is just all about the three R's: Restore, Restyle and Repurpose...yep, that's really what it is in a nutshell.
And AFTER Junk Fest, the three R's will be all about Rest, Relaxation and Refresh. For me, the Refresh part will include that is...but hey, that's just me!


  1. I'd go for riskey, requila and rum! ~Mindy

  2. I totally agree with you, I have trouble explaining what I do and sell too, and Im all for the second set of R's, including the riesling!

  3. I'm with Mindy! But then if I start sipping some of those I'll be snoozing instead of restoring, recycling and repurposing! Glad you found a few minutes to throw out a good post, Andrea. The Junk clock is ticking ticking ticking.

  4. Heehee...! I want to hang out with Mindy! Right now for me those R's stand for "Really Running Ragged!"

  5. SweetMelissa, Cassie and Andrea, y'all bring your 3 R's (rears) to Texas and we can consume all the R's we want! Bring Lynette, too. Our show is a couple weeks after yours. Bet you can Rest up for that Roadtrip!

    When I Retire from my Real job, I intend to travel the circuit of shows and come see y'all. I have no idea how I will finance this frivolous behavior. But, that's my dream.

    Cheers! ~Mindy

  6. Mindy - OUR dream is to come to TEXAS! By the looks of your blog (which I love), you've got some good looking junk down your way - woozer.

    We'll bring the riskey, requila, rum, rodka, and Riesling...LOL! Thanks for your FUN comments! Andrea

  7. Andrea, they turned out perfect and Junky!!! LOVE them, Janna

  8. Love your post Andrea. You 4 will deserve the 3 R's after Junk Fest, whichever 3 R's you each choose. Hopefully, you'll just choose the drinks and move on down the next week to Minnesota. lol
    I'd love to come to your show, but I'm shooting for next year instead. I just can't be gone during our own show that same week-end to make the trip to ND. Wish it was a different time, than I'd come for sure, but it isn't.
    Good luck and may you sell out quickly!!!!!


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