Monday, August 10, 2009

Company's coming...pull out your best junk!

We had a wonderful weekend with a visit from some close friends from out of town. Diane, my "bestest" girl friend from high school and her hubby, Steve and their youngest, Megan. We invited them over for supper...included was my hubby's famous grilled pork loin with the yummy meat rub. You know, only the best for lifelong friends! I decided to set the table and make it fun with some of my new favorite junk. Since Diane is a Home Economics major, (a/k/a Martha Stewart), I knew she'd appreciate it! Yes, it was a special evening with special friends...

First I grabbed my new burlap-like table runner (new fav thing) for the tablecloth and my new vintage ironstone dishes. Man, I love them and the price was right on the money! They are called Independence Ironstone...creamish white. Let's face it, they will go with any theme, any season!
I used some old slightly yellowed music sheets as placemats...
Next I tied some old metal cow tags to the wine glasses. They could be reproductions, I'm just not sure. All I know is they are very cool and I love them to death! More importantly, I wanted to make sure everyone could identify their own wine glass throughout the evening! May the wine flow freely! Hello -adorable!The centerpiece is pretty simple...the bottom container is an old light fixture topped with a flower frog filled with water and fresh flowers from my garden. Oh, and of course a white candle tucked inside.

I recently purchased this moss roll, which is fake but looks incredibly realistic! Thanks Lori @! (Oh, and that's where I got the table runner too!) I will be using this baby in a TON of different ways! So fun! I then "anchored" it all with a black chippy grate and a few more votives to set the mood. Old doorknobs worked well to display names for the seating arrangement.

I had to include a photo of our honored guests for the evening... Gosh, we sure wish you guys lived here!


  1. Girl I love it, fancy junk smanchie!! Love the tags, heck love it all!! I am coming for dinner! Tootles, Janna

  2. I love the burlap! How fun is that? Also love the grate inside the moss. Looks beautiful! Yeah for junk!!

  3. I was so excited about your moss roll that I went straight the the stores website only to find out no online sales. Oh I'm so disappointed.

  4. How pretty everything looks! I am off to Ebat to look up Independence Ironstone!


  5. Beautiful table. I'd be happy dining on bread and water at a table set that pretty!

  6. Andrea your table is lovely. Love everything you did to make your friends feel special. I have the cow tags too, and I believe that is what they are. Mine have a touch of rust, so I'm certain they're genuine, and yours look just like them.
    Wonderful ideas you've shared.

  7. Hey Babe,
    Love the table scape. I bet you threw it all together in about 10 minutes! The burlap table runner also looks great on my bed thrown over my white comforter. So many ways to use it. Maybe we need to have a glass of wine together so we can come up with some more ideas! Let everyone know we sell and ship via phone...the old fashioned way. Who needs an expensive online site when we have great pictures and advertising via blogs. Simply call the store...
    Talk soon L


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