Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another little junking journey....

Last weekend Missy (Sweet Melissa), Andrea (Junk Girl) and I were able to head over to Minnesota for a mini junking journey. Thanks to the wonderful world of blog, we were able to meet up with some friends and make some new ones! Our first stop was Anoka, home to the French Flea which hosts once-monthly sales. If you ever get to the French Flea, check out Gretchen's one of a kind jewelry designs. Known as
Mimi-Toria's, Gretchen designs jewelry out of vintage jewels and found items. Her pieces are one-of-a-kind "must haves!" Sorry, no pics of the French Flea...was too busy drooling! Maybe Andrea or Missy can share later...?
Since the opening of the French Flea, a few other occasional sale shops have cropped up. While checking out one of these, we met Laurel, a.k.a "ChippingCharm" of
Junk Market Style fame. How cool is that to get to meet a face we were already familiar with! If you haven't visited JMS's site, head over there and look at some of the great things Laurel has posted, as well as tons of other junkers from across the country. The picture below shows Laurel, Andrea, Cassie and Missy.

Next stop: Round Barn Potting Co. in Andover. I had to have this cute litte wooden bowl painted black with white dots on it.....holds a whole bag of candy corn! Of course, you can't see the candy corn, but you'll just have to take my word for it!!

I also picked up a couple of these cute little plant stakes.....can someone remind me to take them out before Christmas?

One of my favorite purchases was this piece of artwork from Sue Wolfe,
Destination Art. She sells at the Round Barn, and I was lucky enough to snag the last one of these! The pictures don't do it justice, but the detail on this piece is amazing...the texture of the pumpkin, the numbered metal tag, the glass beads hanging from hemp it!

We were lucky enough to be in Minneapolis during "Prize" hosted by Hunt & Gather. While there, we had the great pleasure of meeting Amy from Whisperwood Cottage and Junkologie. Check out her blogs for some great photos of the stuff for sale at Prize. In addition to her fabulous photography skills, Amy has a keen eye for the coolest junk and had some great things for sale. Pictured below: Andrea, Amy, myself, Carolyn (Gretchen's sidekick), Missy, and Gretchen (Mimi-Toria's).

Below you'll see another of my favorite fabulous, chippy, NORWEGIAN scale!! It holds my black polka-dot bowl and that invisible candy corn perfectly!! And....I only had to go to Minnesota to get it!! Please refer back to photo 3 for a full body shot of this baby!

Amy also had this adorable little candle-sconce-turned-cloche-once-you-turn-it-over that fit perfectly on my own home-made mini candlestick cake plate. It holds the tiniest pumpkin you may ever see!

Ever heard of "Style Minneapolis?" You. must. go. Below is Shayne, who owns this incredible store. If you go, be prepared to drool. Gretchen and Carolyn (behind Shayne) taxied us over to meet Shayne and check out her shop.

Below is the chair that almost came home with me. Almost. I may have to go back and get her. After all, it does have my drool on it!

Thanks for tagging along with us on this little journey. Where have you been lately?


  1. Love all the pictures! Wow, you did alot of junkin'. Last week-end I went to the Sandpoint Flea market in Seattle and picked up some good stuff. Tomorrow I'm going with some friends to Lynden WA. to a Craft and Antique show at the fairgrounds.

  2. What a fun trek! Looks like you girls found all the right places to go!

  3. Cassie,

    Thanks for sharing the trip, I hope to be there, drooling right along with you guys! I am LOVING your mini pumpkin/mini cloche and the Norwegian scale!! Great finds! Lynette

  4. You made that tiny cloche look so glamorous! You've got the junking touch!!


  5. Great job sharing our short trip, Cassie! (shortened by..perhaps...a child at home breaking a leg...perhaps...but that's another post!) I will get some pics on of the French Flea ASAP, and will share closeups of the fabulous treasures we picked up there.

    And yes, Lynette, can't wait till the next trip all four of us can make!!

  6. Oh, man! I am so, so, so bummed I missed you girls. You were missing both the Lanette's (or Lynette) on that trip. LOL! You will just have to make another trip. Or I'll have to head your direction. Next time, k?


  7. How cool that you all got to meet!!! Now for a trip to Ohio??? (you know we have great junk out here - and a surplus of clocks (see my post...ha ha!!).

    Looks like you covered some serious "junk" ground in your little journey - so much fun!

    Take care, Kathy

  8. Oh, what good times -- both the great people you met and that great MN junk. Thanks for letting us in on all the fun.

  9. Great pics, I know you all had a blast!! Love the little finds... Have a great weekend, Hugs, Janna

  10. What a great post Cassie. It was such a nice day spending time with the three of you that were able to make this Round 2 trip to Minnesota.
    Love the scale, did I say, "love the scale". Too cool. Cute cloche too. I sold one just like that and now I'm kicking myself. lol

  11. What great finds!!! You always make the most out of what the rest of us (me) might just pass by. What a gift you have! LOVE the punkin! ;-)

    And you girls! You always look like you're posing for the cover of a mag or a cd or something. ;-)

  12. Great pictures. We were in Iowa last week trying to find "stuff". Maybe next time we'll drive on up to Minn. Jan


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