Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's that time of year, a change of seasons is upon us once again. Spooks and snow are just around the corner. Trick or treat, candy sweet, we might as well accept that summer is fading into the sunset.

I almost passed this sweet candle holder up. What was I thinking?! What a nice autumn addition to my kitchen! Instead of candles, though, how about some good old fashioned junky chocolate??? (wonder if that has anything to do with the saying..."Got Junk in your Trunk?")hmm...

But now, let's get JUNKY! I spied a little repurpose. Turn the glass sconces upside down and in an instant I had a trio of mini cloches!! Perfect for trapping those pesky spooky spiders.

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  1. Oh man...super CLEVER ideas!!! Love love love your kind of spiders and webs and such!!! So do these that I have turn into your uber cool ones someday?! Please tell me yes.

  2. Okay, the spider is seriously creeping me out! Looks great though. That's how I prefer my spiders, ya' know. Fake and under glass (just to be safe). ;)


  3. Oh my gosh. Love the "eek" What a clever, clever idea. Thanks for sharing your imaginative ideas!

  4. Ha! Smart. I like it a lot. ~Mindy

  5. love the "repurpose"...this looks so good!



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