Sunday, October 25, 2009

A quick repurpose...and my lust for rust

Is there anyone out there who loves rust as much as me? I doubt it. When my junk sisters and I went to Minnesota a couple weekends ago, I found this white/rusty umbrella stand. I could picture it filled with tree branches cozy-ing up a corner in my house. Recently while rearranging my furniture though, I needed to fill a bare spot at one end of the couch. So, I dug out the reciprocating saw and cut off the top piece...(luv that dang saw)...

...cleaned, then sprayed a heavy coat of poly all over...added a piece of glass to the top and...ta-da!...a new side table!My youngest son asked what color I was going to paint it! Yikes. What is it with me and rust...and chippy white paint? If there's a "cure" for it, please give me a call!

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


  1. LOVE IT!... Smashing I say. I hope your Sunady was full of blessings :)


  2. Well done!! I would never have thought to cut off that top part. It looks fabulous!

  3. Wow, Andrea you sure came up with a fabulous re purposing for this wonderful metal piece you picked up when we went shopping. I'm with Amy, I wouldn't of thought to cut this off and turn it into a table. I am however loving it this way. Awesome girlfriend!

  4. Cute piece! I do love rust with a passion, and dont worry my kids ask the same,'shame it has rust mum, arent you going to paint it?'
    I get it, and so do many others, you are not alone!

  5. What a great idea! Love the new rusty table!
    My best

  6. Cure?! For what???!!! You have the best illness I could imagine. Why, I think I have it too!! And you certainly do have a way with finding the perfect home for your new finds!

  7. Oh yes, I do love rust... I get asked all the time "when are you going to paint that?" Or, "don't you think it needs a fresh coat of paint?"
    HECK NO! I love the look...

  8. Awwwww Rust!
    It makes my heart got pitter patter...
    I love your new end table.
    Great find!

  9. Love it love it ..... It is darn cute.

  10. Andrea, this piece makes so much more sense as a side table! And it looks perfect in your family room! Love it!

  11. Andrea
    This little beautie turned out so wonderful.
    What a great idea you had. I can honestly
    say, I would not have had this great idea come
    to me.
    You should post a picture of your plaster painted wall.
    I would also love to see what you did with the
    white/wire stand, that you said you were going to use for towels in the bathroom.
    I sound a little pushy with my requests. Great music playlist ladies.

  12. You got a special knack for making something old look soooo good!


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