Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting the most out of life...with junk

Linked to Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors:Saturday Night Special - CENTERPIECES!

It's time to relieve Cassie who has been fantastic about keeping up this blog the past month! Sweet Melissa, Lynette and myself had graduates, State competitions to attend and that end-of-senior year activity. It was a crazy-busy May and June. So, THANK YOU to our junk sister, Cassie, for changing up the blog and keeping it "fresh" this past month!
With that said, while shopping in Fargo for graduation decor, I couldn't resist taking five minutes
for myself to run into one of my favorite junk stores...I found this neat rusty metal tray-looking thing. I think it used to be an old sign.
Perfect rust. Perfect old book. Perfect starfish from a vacation in Mexico. Perfect white candles. Perfect rusty stars. Perfect touches for a coffee table centerpiece.
Hopefully our newly graduated seniors get the most out of life no matter where their paths may take them!


  1. Ohh just love rust and getting the most out of life!

  2. EVERYTHING you guys do is PERFECT!!! A beautiful tablescape....congrats to all the grads and their moms!!

  3. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

  4. Hi Cassie, thanks for stopping by. Love the rusty tray too.

  5. Lots of people see rust and they think "yuck, throw it away!" It is fun when there are people who see rust and think, "yes, what a find!!!" thanks, debbie

  6. Oh, I just love everything all you guys do! You always inspire me and this one is no exception. So nice you were able to help each other out during this fun but hectic time of life.

  7. I love all this...however, if I were to ever actually buy anything to this degree of prim I suspect I would find it missing after about 12 minutes.

    My husband would open his eyes really big and say "that wasn't trash?"


    Happy Graduation to all!

  8. Gorgeous Andrea! I love it all. Thanks for sharing and your insiration.

  9. So pretty, and really inspiring! Congrats to the grads!

  10. I love your blog, and I have given you the 'Versatile Blogger Award'!

  11. Oh so very rusty. Love it!

  12. Still LOVE this :) You've got me looking at rusty signs ina whole new way my friend! Laurel


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