Monday, June 21, 2010

New urn purchase all decked out for summer!

Happy first day of summer! I want to introduce you to my new (old) urn! Let me tell ya, it has been a long awaited purchase. For the past few years I've been looking for one - just the right one - you know what I mean. The ones I've seen have either been waaay too expensive for my pocket book, or just not the right size/shape...or color.
While filling my yearly flower buying addiction at a local greenhouse recently, I turned the corner and saw her - it was love at first sight!She is actually two pieces...two heavy pieces, but the beauty is I can use the top piece in my house this fall/winter - this was the deciding factor without a doubt! I can just picture her filled with Christmas balls and greenery on my dining room table...
Of course her base is wonderful too...sigh.I can't just end are a few pics of some flowers and junk items I decorate with in my yard... don't you just LOVE summer?!
The old scale didn't sell last year at JunkFest - thank goodness! A plant hangs nicely on her.
A farmer's seed separator works so well holding up this heavy perennial...
I'm simply in love with my hostas...and and lush!

Here's hoping your basket is filled with the beauty of summer!


  1. Love the urn! My neighbor gave me hers and I just love it! Yours is more fancy though. Enjoy!

  2. love it all. urns are the best. we move every two years, but before we did all that moving, i had the coolest garden....just like you with old bikes, funky chairs, baby carriages and highchairs, etc....
    i love your old typewriter. all so whimsical and cute....and your ferns....WOWSA. they are gorgeous.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your urn and the typewriter! I always love your stuff on JMS! Congrats on the feature! I am excited you are following my blog. I am following you as well. Lezlee

  4. Hi! Thanks for your kind comment on our blog -- glad you liked the chairs. They will be front and center for our 4th of July display at this weekend's show in Michigan. Liked the peek at your yard -- lots of fun ideas! Come visit us again. xo

  5. Just thought I'd let you know.

    I have fallen in love.

    And it is with a typewriter with a planter for a keyboard.

    I wonder if they have a support group of that?

    Pray for me.

  6. It looks beautiful! I am new to gardening but recently found a nice junky pot that I am hoping works with what I have in mind. I will post if it works! Your gardens look lovely.

  7. Gorgeous flowers Andrea. Everything looks so great...and the urn is fabulous too.
    Miss you all.

  8. It was worth the wait for that perfect urn. Your flowers look beautiful in it.

  9. Love the peek in to your fabulous garden with all the wonderful junk finds!
    Happy day!

  10. Love the typewriter!!! Well, everything really. Your green thumb makes me green with envy. ;-)


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