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I took the above photo while visiting Bachman's Nursery in Minneapolis earlier this year. I almost had to change my shirt from the uncontrollable drooling. What an inspiration!

Let's back up a couple years...and you'll see MY situation. A huge house-moving-remodeling-chango-presto project was in the works. My hubs and I knew one thing, if we were ever to remodel, a fireplace would be sooooo desired. So the window in the below pic became...

...the new home for the gas fireplace! YAY!

(Notice the paper plate and bullseye targets? The unfinished room became the perfect nerf gun gallery.)

How do you like it? No, it's not done. Remember we backed up a couple years...I didn't have my "inspiration" yet. Duh! Although I did try to sorta decorate for Christmas. Sorta.

What's that wood thing you ask? Do you recognize it? Well, my dears, it's a part from an upright piano! This particular piece folded down to cover the piano keys.

I've reinvented a few things out of old uprights before. Click HERE to read about one of those projects.

Mind you...repurposing an upright piano IS NOT for the weak! Lots of sweat and muscle go into un-building the piano to get the parts. It's good to have some strong boys around!

This piece is found directly under the keys of the piano. It's a heavy and substantial chunk o wood and look at that gorgeous trim!

In the center of the unstained portion in the pic above was the below note.

Cleaned and tuned Nov 11-1910! How cool is that!! You'll often find clues to the history of an old piece of furniture if you keep an eye out while dismantling.

This is the piece on the front top that tilted.

Sooooo pretty. I'm a sucker for that old crackled finish. Stop back in tomorrow night and I'll tell you how to get that old finish on new wood.

Have you figured out what I'm doing with the old piano wood yet?


  1. Wow! How crazy is that! My husband and I have done 2 house-move-remodels. I don't show pics of my house because we kinda got tired and stopped. However our fireplace is about the only thing totally done and our favorite thing. I've also done a few piano projects -- I'm guessing that your pieces might make a nice fireplace surround/mantle.

  2. if i would have room, i'd pick one up in a hurry...shabby it, of course! i already see the potential of what's coming! :)

  3. Love the top picture, too. I can see that would get your motor running to finish up this cool project.

  4. Oh I love it, so warm (ok literally) and inviting!

  5. Hi, can you tell me how you got that large piece off, the one under the keys? Thank you!

  6. To get the large piece off under the keys, similar to any other part of the piano...starts as a matter of looking high and low for every screw and bolt we could find to remove. We took off loose pieces as we went.


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