Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Summer junk used for Winter decor

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Man, it's hard to follow up Missy and Cassie's wonderful posts. Can you believe that fireplace of Missy's? Good Lord. Honestly, no way in God's green earth could I have mastered that project. Then there are Cassie's gorgeous furniture re-do's! Please look through our older posts to check out their fabulous posts, you will not be disappointed.

As for me, I'm simply a throw-it-together-and-hope-it-looks-good-kind of girl. Believe it or not, occasionally a couple things are presentable enough for even your eyes to see!

Do you remember this picture I posted a month or so ago? It's of all the newest junk I found in October. When I initially found the galvanized tub, I thought I would put flowers in it next summer.

But I thought, why leave junk sitting idol in my garage over the winter? Yep, time to think Winter. I also found this cool metal "Frost King" tag. I knew it would look fabulous on the tub. I used double stick tape to adhere it. I will want to take it off in the spring for - you guessed it - my summer flowers on the deck. (Can't have "Frost King" on it for that now, can I?!)

Inside I have a plastic container I add water to, cause I gotta have fresh greens!

Moving on, here's a picture of my white Christmas tree. I needed a container to set it in, and low and behold (and because it ties in with my Robin's egg blue accents), I grabbed this little gem, an old hose reel.

Another summer-time junk item. I first thought about using it as the base for a wreath and sit it on its side since it's round. (That's a possibility for next year).

Okay, one more thing. This is sorta weird, but dang, it looks cool in person. It's just the piece of a door frame with the best part still attached - the old door plate and knob. It actually had the key hanging on it too when I bought it. (Yes, I paid top dollar for this. Okay, maybe not... only $5!). :)
Do you see what I see? Under that white paint is Robin's egg blue! Sigh.

So, there you have it. A little summer-time junk to warm the winter night, along with an "odd" piece that actually looks kinda cool...thrown in for kicks.
Have fun decorating!


  1. I love it--that tub is great. I have a red vintage cooler that is screaming for a tree.

  2. Great ideas I love the old tub for your fresh greens and the hose reel is perfect for the tree and the piece of door is so sweet with the star I love it!

  3. Oh my know I love it all but that chippy, funky door piece is my FAVE! It looks so cute just hanging out with that star. Fun, fun fun :) Laurel

  4. Such great ideas! Love the galvanized tub and the display. The hose reel tree stand is way cool! The door piece works too, perfect way to hang that star. Great job!

  5. Oh, Miss A. YOU are talented!

    You can send that Frost King tag my way when you are finished with your blessed winter-ness. I LOVE IT!! ...serious, how much $$

    Clever tree base - too FUN! It is perfect for the tree.


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