Tuesday, December 28, 2010

They're Done!! Locker Repurpose...

Instead of sending you clicking around to a previous post (HERE if you want to look anyway), I'm going to do a partial repost, with edits...and this time with the finished project! So please bear with me, it's a long post! The lockers have been done for a while but I'm finally getting my poop in a group and getting them posted!

On a "quickie" junk trip last summer to one of our fave shops, my bestest junkin pal Cassie and I happened upon a few garage sales. Well being the Thiftomaniacs that we are OF COURSE WE STOPPED AND SHOPPED. One sweet gentleman, selling off his overflow of tools was unaware of what the day had in store for him!

You see, SweetMelissa had one main goal, and that was to score some old lockers to make Sweet Man-O-Mine a cabinet for all his man-stuffs. Well...Mr. Sweet Gentleman had an awesome set of 5 , count em...5, old lockers!! They weren't exactly for sale though.

That really wasn't going to stop us now, was it!!? So we asked if he would part with his lockers, and with a disbelieving chuckle said: "If you girls think you can load those heavy lockers, they're yours for 20 bucks!"

Silly Man. Silly, silly man.

Doesn't he know we're JUNK GIRLS!?!? We had a dolley in tow, a large trailer, and we were already sweaty. So we proceeded to shimmy and roll...being ever so careful of their fresh new blacktop driveway (mostly because his wife was having a coronary!) We could have gotten them, I'm sure, but a nice middle aged neighbor man stopped by and joined in on the shimmy and roll game we were playing.

Pretty sure he might have inadvertently gotten a look down my shirt as we were juggling the 100's+ pound lockers into the trailer. Uhm, yeah, pretty sure. Now mind you...there's nothing fabulous to see there! But when we offered him something for his kindness and assistance he said, "Oh no! It was MY pleasure" . Oh. My. I guess we'll chalk THAT one up to the occasional cost of good help!

Did you ever wish you could look into and object and see it's history? Do you think "Dave and Karan (with an "a") still like each other?

The lockers have been prepped and painted.

I love the new khaki color and it will go wonderfully with the rest of the PLAN I have for them. Yes, I have something grand in store for these and my inspiration is from something Lynette's son created for last year's JunkFest. Can't wait to get them done and share with you!!!

OK. Now imagine, if you will, that high pitched sci-fi time machine music........got it? Cause we're going to transport a few months ahead, since it took me that long to get back to the lockers after JunkFest projects.

The lockers were cleaned, primed painted, the dividers were removed between the center units, and shelves were added on the two end units.

It actually turned into an "family" project on a warm fall day.

The inside of the lockers was customized for my hubby's storage.

Here's where the real fun began! I had some reclaimed beadboard that was perfect for my intended project. You see, I didn't want to just FLOP the lockers into the room and not give them a WOW factor.

So...I built an encasement for them and covered it with the beadboard. Thought I took pics at that point but can't seem to find them! I tell you what, the air nailer paid for itself and then some at this stage of the game...love it!

Anyway...each section was like a ladder fashioned from 2x2's and 2x4's. Below you can see the base section, which will keep the lockers from cutting the flooring and give them extra stability.

Each section was prepared, covered with beadboard, and poly'd. Then the sections were put together in the room.

Reclaimed trim was also used to finish off the edges. I'm so proud and fortunate to have this wood to use. My Dad had pulled it from a building of my childhood farm and saved it for me. Used to be a church, then a broom factory, grainery, butcher house, and family reunion gathering place, just to mention a few of it's many uses over the years. So many memories there......aaaahhhhh.

The wood has SO many "character" marks in it, from nail holes to mouse chews, which gives it fabulous personality.

Here it is, full to the brim with man stuffs, and topped off with some fab vintage items. I do think I should number the doors yet!

So...cost of this project:
Lockers = $20
2x2's and 2x4's = free, reused from an old closet
Beadboard = free, reclaimed
Carpet to line part of the inside = ? $50
Spray primer and paint = Who wants to keep track of that!?
Low cut shirt and peek at my sweaty boowoo's to get the lockers loaded = priceless. :)

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  1. Very Cool project, it turned out fabulously. Hugs-Carrie

  2. LOL love this post, so funny.....awesome job you did on the lockers....I also often wonder about items where they came from?, who had them when they were brand new?,how did they come to being tossed out?I love the Dave + Karan lol yeah if only we had the gift to see back in time, it would be wonderful! anyway locker end result looks brilliant!

  3. Ok, I am totally laughing out loud here at your sweaty boowoo comment! That was an incredibly fun trip and so worth the grunting, groaning (& peeking) that went on!
    Your lockers, like everything you do, turned out fabulous!

  4. Great story!!! A girl has to do what a girl has to do!!

  5. Wow! What a transformation!

  6. Amazing! Great planning and follow through. And the boowoo peekaboo thing happens a lot amongst us, doesn't it? hahaha! ~Mindy

  7. Missy, I was cracking up along with Cassie reading this. My son had to ask me what was so funny! I can just picture it...well almost, I'm not a peepin' Tom! LOL! You are hysterical. But on to the lockers. Amazing! I wish I had a hubby that could build. Okay, well he can do my hair and we girls know that's important, too! Great, amazing, spectacular job!


  8. I love what you did with the lockers. It is so unique!

  9. Missy-- oh My GOODness! that was hilarious...
    I loved reading this whole thing it made me chuckle more than once...
    you had me at 'get my poop in a group'...
    that is a nice way of saying getting your...ACT TOGETHER!!! ha ha ha ...so funny girl

    I think the lockers look great! The price can't be beat... the sweat equity can't be bought. What a great story!

  10. Oh that we could all have so much fun with our frugal projects! I'm sure your little adventure was good for that old geezer's heart too - the boowoo peeker, that is. Your lockers are just perfect. I'll bet your husband is enjoying the storage.

  11. Loved this crazy, funny post and how your locker project turned out!! Look great and am impressed that you sacrificed to put "guy stuff" in them! Am a new follower too! Smiles, Julie

  12. Wow. I have these lockers made of little cubbies that are the same size as this. They sit in the garage, year after year, awaiting a magic transformation.

    Perhaps this will be their Cinderella year!

    Rest up.

    We have a project to tackle in 2011.

    I hope you're thinking about my idea. I'll even write up the pitch for you!

    Sending you warm hugs and admiration from chilly Arizona - hey, it is so chilly. It's like 22 degrees here...people are being admitted to the hospital for frost-bite, I think.

  13. The lockers look awesome! I know those suckers are heavy. I bought some years ago for my son's room and I still remember getting them home. I guess I needed a nice neighbor to help me :)
    Happy New Year.

  14. Wow, love it! I've been looking for old lockers too but the only place I've found any is at antique shows and you know they want WAY to much for them there! LOL! I'm crossing my fingers for this garage sale season that I'll find some!!


  15. I love the lockers. I couldn't even get rid of the gum from under my art table so I know I wouldn't have had the heart to paint over the "Dave + Karan".

    Happy New Year!

  16. The lockers are fabulous, but the story you have to go with them is the best part. Way to go. Sounds like a win/win situation for everyone involved.

  17. What an AMAZING project, with plenty of WOW factor (for all concerned!). I love how your vision came to life!

  18. Love the lockers and what a HILARIOUS story! Never thought about using my girl parts as a negotiating tool with the junking, but I will now! HAHAHAHA!

  19. LOL!! Guess I need to really rethink that clothing thing! :)

    Fabulous finale! Oh my gosh. I've never seen lockers look so good! Love the woodsy framework!



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