Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Andrea's wheel platters...

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Here's a quick and super easy project for all you wheel lovers out there (and you know who you are!) Wheels are indeed one of my favorite junk items, so I decided why not use them in some fun, resourceful way? Since I love to cook and entertain, this idea came to me over New Year's when I realized I could really use more serving pieces.
Here's the low down on my wheel platters...
First, start with a great old wheel from a child's bike, a tire from a wagon, tricycle, etc...
Dab on a little Gorilla super glue - the stuff is awesome and I use it for a million things. It dries clear too, so that's a plus.
Center your plate (I chose clear glass because I still want to see the wheel through the plate), and press down for a minute or so until the glue dries.

There you have it. Told you it was easy! I am SO loving how these turned out!

Hope you're having a funky junk-filled kind of week!


  1. OK!
    I was sitting down here tonight thinking... man! I hope I see something really fresh and total off the chart... I think I found it!

    You know sometimes you just need fresh ideas to 'GET THE WHEELS TURNING!' ...LOL!


  2. what a great idea!!! I love all that industrial stuff, buy it, and then don't know what to do with it!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are so cute!! It would be cute for a block party on the 4th where kids decorate their bikes for the parade! I like the look alot!

  4. How much do I LOVE this project!?

  5. My head is spinning with this wheely fantastic idea! Love it! Thanks so much to linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  6. How cool is this..I'm definetly gonna pinch this idea..Love it!!!

  7. Well this is definitely the most unusual idea I have seen on the internet. Yup. You win. :)

  8. What a fresh idea! I love it. Thanks for sharing.


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