Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dresser turned Wine Hutch

Another fabulous garage sale find. This blue dresser is absolutely stunning!

Just look at the patina on those drawers!

But.... *sigh* .... look at the condition of the drawers.

I had to toss my thoughts around for awhile on this one. I hated to take those lovely carved drawers out of the picture but despise repairing them at the same time.

This brings me to a perfect reason to link this post to Miss Mustard Seed and her Copy Me Challenge. Even she has to toss drawers aside from time to time. Read about her situation HERE.

Copy Me Challenge

I decided to set my drawers aside, for now too. They will make their appearance again...someday.

The BLUE was fabulous on the dresser, but I wanted a deeper, know, more of an aged look. So I used a stain to "glaze" over the blue paint.

The next fabulous thing I discovered was the planking that made up the inside of the dresser. Ooh Laaa La!

I installed a shelf and stained the inside. Was totally LOVING the dark stained look. But I was still searching through my stash for the perfect solution for shelving for the top drawers

If you search long enough...the solution will appear. I've had a few very water damaged pressback chairs in the corner of the barn for a few years now. The only thing salvageable on them were the backrests, and it seemed a perfect solution to cradle a few bottles of wine.

I put a divider between them so the fit would be nice and snug.

(photo credit: Jennifer Hagemeister)

(photo credit: Cindy Willey/Megan Ockert)

Sometimes it's SO hard to let a piece of furniture go after creating. I almost swapped the blue (used to be dresser) wine hutch out with the one below that I made a few years ago. Almost. The stained (used to be dresser) wine hutch won in the end and is still in my house.


  1. Love your transformation! I had a little wash stand in my building that something ate the drawers up, so I pulled the drawer fronts off that were very cute and chippy. Took off the hardware and stenciled words on the fronts of them, they turned out so cute! glad you found a place for you treasure!

  2. Oh my...I love this piece! The use of the chair backs for wine was GENIUS! You are so clever :)
    Sorry you had to "let it go" but the piece that won is wonderful too! Laurel

  3. Beautiful and what a clever idea! Love the colors too - the blue and the dark stain really compliment each other! Keep inspiring! ~Leena~

  4. Wow, so clever and creative!

  5. Okay, I know it's a sin - but I absolutely COVET that blue dresser! Marvelous!

  6. That was so creative. I think you did a nice combination of MMS and Donna. :)

  7. Wow, 2 beautiful pieces, very nice!

  8. Oh my

    What a clever use of those chair backs to cradle wine. Definitely an idea to steal. We are in the heart of wine country here and people are always on the lookout for unique wine stoppage.

    Boy, am I glad I hopped over from MMS. I'd like to become your newest follower.

    So nice to meet you,


  9. Getting here a little late, but I just noticed this post. Amazing idea for cradling those wine bottles in the chair back! Genius! .... did I already say Genius?...Genius!


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