Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Floating photography

Who in this world doesn't love chippy frames all worn and tattered? Sigh.

The photo didn't fit any frame I had.

Turns out, that was a good thing.

It looks a bit like it's "floating".

I want to visit this Italian cafe named after me!

I wish to sit with my girlfriends in those rattan chairs and order a glass of wine and a flaky pastry.

We may just sit there all night.

Photography art "Andrea Pansa" by Alan Blaustein.

A gift from friends.

I adore it - and them.


  1. I do love the look of that! Just found your blog and am enjoying cruising through. You have some great ideas! I've put you on my follow list.

  2. I for one love chippy frames!

  3. oooOOOooo! Make mine a mocha coffee to go with that pastry and I'll be right there! What a fantastic idea! I love these old frames. I have a really big one that I've never quite figured out what to do with, since I don't have a pic to fit it, but I was thinking of using it just to surround a smaller framed pic or silver frame. I LOVE the way you did this! That picture really does make you want to sit there all night! Thank you for such charming inspiration! ~Leena~

  4. ok. the frames are great, as is the photo...But, let it be known, while I am sitting there with y'all, I want butter with those flaky pastries. And cream cheese and Welch's grape jelly. Amen. ~Mindy


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