Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Does it Take to Touch a Life?

Not "a" life. Many lives. What does it take to touch the lives of many? What kind of person, and family does that take? I'll tell you.

To walk into a house and be welcomed with a smile, a "hello dear", and instantly be treated like family...even if they haven't gotten to know you yet. And you instantly feel at you could stay for hours...chatting the day away.

And sometimes you do.

A person, and family you trust your children to. Day after day.

But not a daycare setting. A home filled with laughter and love. Where each child is treated as one of their own.

As one of HER own.

A keeper of children. A friend to many. A wife, sister, and mother....very recently passed from this life to the next. Too soon, too young. Unexpectedly. As the family has asked, we cry for them, but not for her, as she is in a better place.

For over 15 years she has been touching lives. Rocking wee ones. Playing. Caring. So many lives touched,that upon the news of her passing we couldn't stand by without showing the world, and the family, just how much she, and they, really mean to us.

And to our children.

And in a single day, 68 handprints from the children previously and currently in her care.


Only a few could not make it but their handprint is represented as well.

And the children...this was their way to give back. To touch the lives of the family they know they will always be a part of.


  1. This post really tugs at my heart. We had day care in our home for several years. I felt honored to have these families trust us and depend on us every single day. Great tribute to her and the family. It says so much!

  2. What a lovely post Missy. Nancy was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed in this community!

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  4. So sorry for her family, and for those who were touched by her caring. What a beautiful way to honor her memory...

  5. I, too, know the family very well. This post made me tear up all while I was smiling. This family just does that to you. So strong and full of faith and love. We will dearly miss Nancy. She definitly touched many lives. What a great idea with the quilt! :)

  6. Thank you! The gratitude and love we feel for all of you and your children goes beyond words! God Bless you all!! It's beautiful, I can't describe to you the feelings I get every time I look at the quilt, it's remarkable!! Pray for us, as we continue to pray for you!

    ~Jess Kubal Wolf

  7. Missy--there are no words to explain what this passage and the quilt mean to me and my family. We were all honored to have the privileged of watching your children grow and we had love for every child that walked through that door. Mom passed very young, but because of all of our families, her memory will live forever. Thank you to all for everything you have giving my family and please continue to pray for us. We love you all!

    ~*Angela Kubal*~

  8. Thanks for the memories Jerome

  9. Sitting here in tears.. The quilt was so so beautiful.. nancy was so so beautiful.. she had such a great heart.. may she be playing in heaven.. waiting for the rest of her loved ones.. sorry Nanc. .. your gonna have to wait a little while...

  10. What a beautiful idea. Nancy touched many lives and I have heard many people talk about how much she is missed. God Bless Nancy's family as well as her daycare family. She will be missed by many.


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