Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I must confess...

I just can't keep it a secret anymore.

I've been smitten.

I feel SO guilty.

He is so stong, supportive, and is always there for me.

We've been spending alot of time together.
In the barn, in the yard, in the garage...even in my trailer!!

I didn't mean for this to happen...

But I just can't hold my feelings in anymore.

He has such strong arms.

And he's so grounded.

Yes, I know. He's quite a looker. Go ahead ladies...you can drool over him too.

And he never complains when I ask him to carry my JUNK.

I love you, man!


  1. Haha! I completely understand. I just bought a furniture dolly and I am completely smitten!

  2. That is too darn cute. I got me a honey like that too. Never growls at me when I change my mind and have it replace something....over there.

  3. Oh dear....until I saw yours, I didn't realize how..."mature" mine was....is it wrong to want a newer model?
    The guilty pleasures of junk girls....

  4. It'd be nice if all men were so easy to handle:)
    Thanks for the giggle.


  5. Oh, I definitely am droolng over that one! Oh, sure, I have one of my own, but not nearly so buff and gorgeous. I guess I was just desperate and grabbed the first one that came along. Now, I have to deal with wobbliness, tentative joints, and forget about lifting heavy stuff. I've thought about seeing what else is out there for me -- maybe you're given me the courage to go for it -- afterall, I DESERVE MORE!!

  6. I'm ashamed to say...

    I want him.

  7. ugh, I NEED one of those. I love the color.

  8. Does he have a brother????? Lucky, lucky you. He's the kind of help that never complains. :)

  9. LOL!! I was waiting for a picture of a cute dog, but I see what you mean! I could use one of these myself at times! Whoa baby!!

  10. You might want to keep an eye on him...some lady just might try to steal him from you..

  11. LOVE it! He comes with no back talk! Hugs, Janna


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