Sunday, March 20, 2011

Looking for a few good vendors...

Got Junk? Talent? Something unique to sell? JunkFest '11 is fast approaching and this year's event promises to be the mac-daddy of them all!

Whether you've got great architectural goods.....

perfectly rusted pieces....

vintage farm finds....

or industrial collections....we've got the venue for you!

But it's not just junk we're looking for! Whether you're an artisan, crafter, baker, or candle-stick maker.....come join JunkFest for ONE DAY only....Saturday, September 17 from 9am to 3pm! We'll have music, food, and the best shoppers around!

But remember....ya snooze, ya lose! Vendor spaces fill up me for your application at asap!

JunkFest is located at the Foster County Fairgrounds, in Carrington, ND. Find it here.


  1. Where is it located?

  2. Love that cow!!!! Too darn cute. Looks like you are going to have killer junk as always, cant wait to see more pics! Hugs, Janna

  3. Tracey,
    JunkFest is located in Carrington North Dakota...very central part of the state. Are you close enough to join us?

  4. Can I sell lemons? That's about all I have a lot of at the moment, although, by then they will be rotten and then I will only have rotten lemons to sell which will probably not quite work even though, technically, I could call them junk lemons...



    I will be enjoying my trip there compliments of the prize I plan on winning...




    Nothing else.

    I have nothing else.

    But ummm...


    Good morning?

    Leaving now to go hide my head in shame for this comment.

    PS. Please send the cow immediately if you know what's good for you.

  5. Wish I lived closer...would be all over this!

  6. Goodness, I wish I were able to participate or attend - the best of luck to you, Cassie.


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