Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Treat and a Sweet

On a recent stop at the thrift shop I couldn't help but snag this old rough piece of wood. It just seemed to have good lines, and interesting character.

But I kept asking myself..."Are you seriously going to BUY a piece of wood when you live on a farm jam-packed with odds and ends of this sort?" Of course I did.

I gave the board a light sanding, then proceeded to drybrush a conundrum of light toned colors in a random fashion on it. I wanted some of the wood to stay visible, because, well, it's adorable. Then I used my projector to add words to each side of the board, and followed up by giving the whole thing another sanding. There's just nothing better than making something new look OLDER! I'm still debating...glaze or don't glaze.

And what better than a reversible sign with two crazy good options:


Or a trip to the Beach!!

Just a drop in the bucket of what will be available at the one, the only, and the ORIGINAL
7th Annual Autumn JunkFest!!
Saturday, September 17th 2011, Carrington, ND

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


  1. really cute !

    Now what inspired you to put those 2 words opposite each other ? They really are a set of HAPPY words ! ☺


  2. Now what could be better than eating cupcakes while laying on the beach!!
    Nice work, Missy!

  3. Makes me want to go to the beach and eat cuppycakes! So cute! ~Leena~

  4. Fun words...2 of my favorite things! But I think I'll eat my cupcake on the deck...don't want to get sand in my frosting :) Another great sign Missy! Laurel

  5. Cupcakes anywhere are great..but on the beach..HEAVEN..

  6. You're too fun! I love first of all that you purchased that board...because heaven knows you wouldn't find another one like it...anywhere! And the words. Too cool! Smile evoking, that's for certain. You, that is...and the words, too! ;D


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