Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cha cha cha...chalkboards!

I totally DROOL over chalkboards...

There are so many ways to enjoy them, and so many options to even make your own! I've done a bit of both. I love me a sweet vintage chalkboard like this one.

But. If there's a flat surface in my way...WATCH OUT! It just might get smathered with chalkboard paint!

And now...there's a linky party over at Whisperwood Cottage that is sure to make my heart go "pitter-patter"! Shall we go check it out????

(I threw this little vignette together in my kitchen and tweaked it by "stealing" from other displays in my house just for this post....but hey...that's how we do it right? Staging at it's best for a blog photo, heehee.)

My pantry door chalkboard is one of my faves! It has shown everything from:

Mom's Chocolate Cake Recipe...

To simply doodle...

To young people art...

To classic Christmas stories!!

With Rudolph!

And then there's my GIRL. She's a hot babe, dontcha think???!!!!

I really wish I could show you the rest of my old kitchen(not a kitchen anymore)/laundry room/sewing room/ craft and painting room/and unfortunately "catch all" room, but I haven't worked up the courage to share this mess with the world yet. When my sister said it scared her...I knew it was bad!

Vintage crumbs of course!

Even dated old wall art can become fun and functional with chalkboard paint!

Oh yes, and then there's my other GIRL. I don't think I've done a post on her yet.

I've tried several brands of chalkboard paint, brush on and spray, some better than others. But in the's just a great fun way to jazz up a surface!! I can't wait until I WIN some Americana Chalkboard Paint from DecoArt...cause Amy's gonna pick me!!!! ;)


  1. ooh I feel the same way about chalkboards, one resides in every room of our house if not 2.
    When my husbands mothers day gift was painting my kitchen door with chalkboard paint, 2 years ago, I knew he was a keeper, LOL
    Love seeing all the ideas and there is so much you can do with it.

  2. I love your pantry door. So great!!

  3. Where would we be without our chalkboard paint....?????? lol! Love your door! I'm going to put a chalkpainted door next to my frig to cover that boring white side! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. Love the chalkboards...but love, love ,love the cloche and the encouraging word blocks!

  5. I love the chalkboards and have been adding them here and there in my home..Love the Rudolph one with all the reindeer names on it..Have a great weekend..

  6. I LOVE CHALKBOARDS....I just landed 3 sweet vintage ones this week! Ive refinished one but not sure what I want to do with other 2. I will definately have to check out the party. Love the chalkboard doors!

    Lucky 7 Design

  7. I have a huge chalkboard consuming the wall of my dining room ~ it was an old chalk board used at Mayville State College (Now Mayville State University) ~ a great recycle piece! It's amazing! A fresh coat of paint around the sides and greetings/menu's of all sorts are posted daily!
    Thanks for bringing back the love of a chalkboard!


  9. Such great ideas! Hope you win :-)

  10. I LOVE THIS ! Never thought to use chalkboards this way.
    I have a door that goes to a downstairs in my house where I keep my country store collection , this idea will be perfect for that door.
    Thanks for the fabulous tips
    Outstanding !


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