Friday, October 28, 2011

Can this door be saved?

My brother recently gave me an old door from a house that was destined for demolition. I love everything about this door (except for that brass deadbolt!) from it's chippy white paint, frosted scenic window, perfectly patina'd hardware to the ornate mouldings.

Here's a close-up of the scenic window....absolutely gorgeous!

Here's my problem: The window is cracked in several places and was held together with clear packing tape, which has yellowed with time. All of the pieces are still in place, and the breaks appear to be straight, with no shattering.

Does anybody out there know of any miracle products that will seal or repair the glass as close as possible to its original state?

Or am I better off taking the glass out?

The door is very heavy! If I am unable to repair the glass, I guess I have a few options.....chalk board, cork board, mirror, clear glass with a photo or paper behind.

Any other options? What would you do with it? And where in your house would you put it?


  1. my guess is if they can fix a broken car window then surely they can fix your cracks...i would ask a glass specialist and see if they can shoot a resin inside the cracks to solidify the glass.

    I love the door and the details on it! Great Job and make sure to give your brother a hug for it! lol!


  2. I do so hope the gorgeous glass can be rescued!

  3. I would do anything to rescue that beauty! Maybe it can be coated somehow. Good luck I hope it can be saved!

  4. I ditto Natalie.... but my DH said to either use super glue and fix it or ...and he might have a good idea here.... can you glue a clear glass cut the same size, to it ?

    just a thought ! The door and glass is certainally worth saving !


  5. I do not know of any way to repair it. The only thing I can think of is to "sandwich" it between clear glass. Do not use Super Glue! super glue will cloud.

  6. Is there a way to cut out the center section with the wildlife on it and place it in a wood frame, then take out the remaining broken pieces and replace the framed wildlife section in the center and maybe a stained glass around that to fill in the space where the broken glass was! Just my thoughts on the piece. It is beautiful and would be a shame to destroy the etching! Love your work.


  7. I hope it can be saved. It's a real beauty!

  8. Fab door! I would put it on a closet, pantry, or bedroom. Every door in the house should shine with personality!!

  9. I would use it as a divider or maybe attach it to the wall an put hangers on it for purse or coats. I love that door.

  10. I would leave the glass in, but make it safe so that it does not fall out. If that doesn't work, just take the glass out and leave it empty. Hang a small chandelier in it! I love the door, nice of your brother to think of you.

  11. Hang the door where light can shine through it so the amazing frosted picture will show to advantage. It is a stunner. The suggestions of sandwiching the glass between two panes of clear are the best way to go I reckon. Clean the tape residue off gently with eucalyptus oil and then make sure the glass is really sparkly before doing the sandwhich thing. But you know that! It is lovely.
    Hugs, Jasmine in Oz

  12. I ditto Natalie too....

    and oh my gosh - that would look SOOOOOOOOOOO awesome as a head board!!! Just stand it to one side of the bed - leave the other blank? Kinda give the "modern vintage" vibe...

    It is gorgeous!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  13. Oh gosh, that is one gorgeous piece of etched glass. Judging by the beautiful and intricate design, I'm sure it's handmade and very expensive. You can have it repaired, of course. There are window lamination shops that can do this work. You have an absolute treasure on your hands.

  14. how about turning it in to a stained glass piece? Use led in the cracked areas, maybe cut down the border a little and add in a few other complimentary colors?

  15. I have the same exact door at my house .I was looking to see if it was worth something . I moved into my house 29 years ago. An some elderly lady to me it was on this house when she was a lil girl. I would love more info on it .

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