Sunday, October 9, 2011

As Promised...Sale Photos

Here they are...finally!! The 7th Annual Junk Fest has come and gone and we had a blast. Here's a sampling of the displays set up for the Friday Evening Tickled Pink Event.

(disclaimer: The JunkFest Girls assume no responsibilty for junk photo overload. Proceed with caution!)

***Photos in this post and following sale posts are possible in part by the photography talents of Judy Keller and Amanda Ockert.***

The tables are set, and we've freshened up a bit ...ok, maybe we look a tad worn. It's been a long week! But we're ready for our guests!!!

What's that? Were Cassie and Missy helping Peter the Pumpkin Eater pick his nose? or WHAT! If you can guess what we were doing, I'll show you more photos!!!!

Leave your guess in the comments!!!


  1. OMGosh! I love the sink! That is my fav! Oh and the horse pic! Everything looks great!!!

  2. I would guess that you all have a little drinky poo in your hands.... you at least deserved one ( and more) for all the work you gals did ! Hey.... my son and his wife bought the sink. It will be perfect in their house ! Where did it come from ?

    Now... more pictures please ? ☺ Beth

  3. We had such a wonderful time at Junk Fest! Thank you so much for offering such a great prize package through Country Living magazine. It was a fun filled weekend! We also got a chance to enjoy the little shops downtown, found a few rummage sales, and spent the evening out at Dakota Sun Gardens Winery.


  4. Oh, and I have to say that we had the most delicious lunch at Junk Fest! The burger was amazing! The man behind the counter said he used Coke to fry up the onions.

    I was also so impressed with all the other vendors there this year! We spent several hours shopping all the different booths!

    Hmm, I have no idea what that orange stuff is on your fingers!


  5. JUNK OVERLAOD, what are you talking about? No such thing has ever occurred....

  6. Antiquing furniture? I know it turns my nails lovely colors!

  7. Holy criminy! I love everything! You are so astonishing at creating and merchandising! Wow!

  8. this is where i want to be next it all:)

  9. I'm cracking up...
    and slightly skeert to even begin to guess!

    And... I'm lamenting the fact that I live WAY tooooooo far away from all of ya'll. Good grief -I am missing your AWESOME fun and junk!!!

    ;-D robelyn


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