Friday, October 21, 2011


Fall is in the air!!

It's time for the autumn colors that we LOVE!
The pumpkin pies!
The crunchy leaves & crisp evenings!
What a fabulous show Mother nature has put on...
Aren't we LUCKY
that we get to enjoy it?!

We want to introduce you to someone else who is LUCKY!
Someone with a great smile and a fun spirit
Someone who entered the North Dakota Travel Sweepstakes...
and WON it!!

Meet Amy Patzer of Jamestown North Dakota!

Yep, she won the awesome Sweepstakes package
that was put on by the ND Tourism Department
and Country Living Magazine.

Amy was nice enough to ask her mother, Joan, to be her guest on this little adventure.

I think Joan was enjoying herself! :)

Not only did they get at attend both the Friday Night "Tickled Pink" Event
and JUNKFEST & the Flea Market on Saturday...
but they also got one nights lodging at the Carrington Inn & Suites
and a private wine tasting at the new Dakota Sun Gardens Winery.

She also got to attend some other local attractions
including a tour of a Minute Man missile site
and luxery accomodations at a cabin on the Reservoir.

It was a great little prize package
and we want to thank everyone who read about it on the blog
or saw it in Country living
and then took the time to enter!
We wish you could have ALL won!!

For the fun of it, I conducted a little interview with Amy:

What did you say when you heard you won the sweepstakes??
At first I thought it was a scam, until he asked me if I remembered signing up for the Country Living/ND Sweepstakes? I said, "Oh, you mean for Junk Fest?!" He laughed, and said that Junk Fest was one part of the prize!

What was the best thing you ate at the Fairgrounds?
I had the most amazing hamburger made with onions fried in Coca Cola!

What was the coolest thing you saw?
Hmmm, that's a tough one. There were so many neat things at Junk Fest! I just love how the talented Junk Fest girls can change junk into beautiful treasures. Dressers, tables, chairs, benches all had beautiful new finishes ready to decorate any home. I especially loved the displays and little accessories scattered throughout.

What did you think about the Main Street shops in Carrington?
We had a wonderful time shopping on Main Street. We found many unique items and the people were so friendly.

What was your most awesome purchase?
I got the cutest pumpkin made out of twigs that is sitting on my mantel now. I also bought some jewelry and a few other things, but boy oh boy, you have to be fast! The shoppers know what they want, the items are gorgeous, and everything sells out very quickly! My mom bought a very unique table that is sitting in her living room now. She also found some really neat accessories.

Are you coming back next year??
Absolutely!!! It was such a fun day!

I just wanted to say, thank you again for such a lovely prize! We had so much fun and really enjoyed our trip to Carrington. We had a nice room at Carrington Inn and Suites. We also had a fabulous time at Dakota Sun Gardens Winery! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I'm excited to come back next year!


Thanks, AMY...we are so glad you and your Mom enjoyed it!!
See you next year!
Until then...


  1. I'm so glad Amy and her Mom had a fabulous time! And Lynette...those autumn pictures "almost" make me want to get up off the couch and do some fall decorating in my house....have to do a little blog surfing first!

  2. Congratulations Amy. Hope you had a blast.

  3. I'm trying to be a gracious loser. Yeah. Trying really, really hard.




    Ummm... congratulations.

    And ummm... yeah...I hope you really, really enjoyed MY PRIZE!



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