Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Old stuff "spiffed" up for Christmas...

Christmas is almost here folks! Believe it or not, I still DO NOT have my Christmas Tree up yet! Well, I've got some little ones up here and there, but not the big one. It's too big. There, I said it. I'd much rather mess with all my other decorations then that big honkin' thing. Our dining room was looking a little boring (yawn here). Lynette gave me this beautiful star a few years ago and it's one of my favorite things to pull out for Christmas - I love it! I wanted something interesting to hang it on this year...something different. So, to the garage I went. My old metal bed frame didn't sell at Junk Fest. Let me tell ya, I was surprised. It has such a great patina...
Not everyone has an old bed frame in their dining room...too weird? (You can say yes!) I won't be offended cause I think it's just perfect!Okay, the dining room has the footboard so the living room might as well house the headboard! Maybe I have gone off the deep end? Yes?! Care to join me?Now I gotta show you my new wreath! (Last wreath count in my house is like 84!) Ha! I bought it from my friend Beth at Patina White. The girl totally rocks. Her stuff is awesome - check her out!I bought the frame from her - I added all the embellishments to it. Any junker would go CRAZY with this! Let your imagination go wild! I used my circle maker from my scrapbooking stash and cut up a couple old Bingo cards. The old Bingo game had several of the original wooden game pieces. I glued the "I 25" to the card...get it? 25-Christmas Day? (I know you got that!)Then I added some other old stuff I had, some fresh greenery and another 2 and 5...I just can't get those numbers out of my head!
Okay, you're right - enough with the "2's & 5's". I better go now and get my tree up before the 25th is actually here!


  1. Andrea, I see nothing wrong with a headboard in one room and the footboard in another! It's just the way we roll!
    Your house looks great all decked out! LOVE your wire wreath and all it's embellishments! You got some talents girl!

  2. Well. Just. Crap. I thought this was going to be make-up tips for me so I don't look so old and tired and haggard. The pictures are cute...sure...but I really, really needed the other ideas!

  3. Tons of fun junk-inspired goodness!! Love it!! That headboard would be great for hanging stockings! I love all the numbers!!


  4. Thank you very much, now I’m going to be obsessed with finding a wire wreath, love it!!
    Love Amy's idea about hanging stocking from the headboard.

    Merry Christmas,

  5. Good Morning Sweet Andrea. You always come up with really fun ideas. Love the number deal with 25, and no I didn't get it. lol Love what you've done with that wire wreath. The headboard and footboards are a cool idea too, but love Amy's suggestion of hanging the socks off of one of them. How cool would that look?
    Enjoy your hoilidays, and thanks a lot for your sweet encouragement on my latest tutorial.
    I'll be sending a holiday greeting your way either before or after Florida. Haven't figured out if it will be for Christmas or New Years yet. lol Time will tell me, I guess, as we leave on Monday for a week. I'm so digging the idea.

  6. Oh--I absolutely love the junk wreath--so fun! I want to make one now. The presents are wrapped, the baking is almost done, I might be able to get to it on Monday-yippee!

  7. I LOVE the wreath!! So creative! Now I'm going to be running around my garage looking for random stuff to make my own junk wreath!


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