Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tree party

Hey everybody! It's a tree party! I'm joining Donna and many others over at
Funky Junk Interiors in showing off our Christmas trees!

I've recently made some changes to my family room and, after much hesitation, took the plunge with a brown tree this year. I've seen so many beautiful brown, gold and copper trees this year in stores...I knew finding brown ornaments wouldn't be a problem. However, I already had so many frosted, white, or silver ornaments that I didn't want to put the expense into gold or bronze colored ornaments. So...I decided to just invest in a few brown and use what I had.

Had to close the shutters for a better lighting situation....too impatient to wait for nightfall!

Check back later for more holiday decorating from us Junk Fest girls....for now head over to Donna's and see all the other loverlies!!


  1. the brown accents - simple and elegant!

  2. Just breathtaking, thanks for sharing. Tree party~~what fun!

    Ya'll have a terrifically blessed day from the hills and hollers of the Ozarks!

  3. Beautiful! Great decorating skills!
    smiles, alice

  4. Seriously beautiful tree there, Cassie!! Absolutely LOVE the brown touches, it adds such an elegance.

    As for my trees (two of them this year)...they're decorated and the pictures have been taken. But, since it's already 11:30 pm mine will have to wait until another day! Until then, stay warm! Missy

  5. I love that header pic with all you fun chicks. Your tree is loverly! ~Mindy

  6. Lovely Cassie. I too love the browns and used them last year and this year. Reminds me of junking and that great color called "rust" we find on many funky farm elements. lol
    My tree is white with brown, aqua, silver and whites. Love the different colors. I am soooo not a red and green traditional girl, so I'm in my glory with themed decorating.

  7. By the way I thought I'd let you know the link to Donna's doesn't work, so you might want to know that.


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