Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis the JOLLY season...

Tis the JOLLY season, a time of anticipation, a time to make new memories to last a lifetime. A time of year when we can pull out decorations dear to our hearts and warm the house with some welcome changes. This year I have a twinkling from not one, but TWO trees. One a simple but elegant look with white lights, silver, gold, and a touch of red. (and please excuse some of the pictures, I'm not quite done cleaning, decorating, wrapping, etc, etc, etc.)
The other tree, a bit smaller, and filled with 20 years and three kid's worth of Hallmark series ornaments. Some day my kids will say: "jeez, wish we had all the money Mom spent on these ornaments all these years!" Well, hopefully not, but I have certainly enjoyed collecting them for my guys.

Under this tree I placed a sweet old register cover and an old bike seat with an "S" for you know who......SANTA!!!

And one more thing to share's a little idea I totally swiped from Andrea. Hey Andrea, please consider it the highest form of a compliment on a grand idea. ;)
Hey, now head on over to Deb's place at Talkin Trash for the slumber party! We're having a blast!!!


  1. I have a Hallmark tree too and everyone one of those ornaments are priceless to me. I bet you feel the same way...let the kids worry about how we spent their inheritance on Christmas decorations later!
    Excuse me...but my glass appears to be empty!

  2. Just peekin' in from over at Debbie's pj party to tell you that I love both of your trees Melissa! Or was that three trees? I need more nog......

  3. Missy! Your trees are just beautiful and the frame and wreath of course I love! My wreath is a fresh one, and I mist it with water 3X daily. It still looks good! Love the bike seat with the "S" for SANTA...(If I were Santa, I'd swipe it!) :) Andrea

  4. The trees are so pretty. I just love those ornaments!


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