Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Semi-homemade DIY shelf

Hello everyone! I'm joining Kimba's DIY party over at A Soft Place to Land for a little show and tell about my most recent project for my kitchen. I'm calling this shelf "semi-homemade" since I already had some gorgeous factory made corbels...just had to purchase some trim and a board for the shelf top. Here's a peek at the finished product holding some of my favorite white ironstone and pottery....all decked out for the holidays!

The corbels were given to me by our local lumberyard a few years back when we were building our house. The architect ordered the wrong style/size, and since they were a custom color/glaze, they were not returnable to the manufacturer. Yay me!

I went to my nearest home store (only 130 miles away!) and found some trim, which I think may actually be chair rail, and a nice hardwood board for the shelf top.

After calculating and measuring for size, I cut my pieces and began gluing and nailing (I've come to love my nail gun!) This may not seem like a terribly difficult project to you, and truthfully, it wasn't.....but you must understand, angles and me...we don't always get along so well. I figure that's why somebody created wood filler!!
Here it is in it's assembled, wood-filled state:

I knew I could never replicate the factory finish on the corbels, so I decided to create my own. I used Kilz spray primer in white to coat the entire piece. After drying, I lightly sanded it with fine grit paper and fine steel wool. Paint? Nope...just primer! The finish after the steel wool was perfectly smooth.

I then coated the entire piece with Ralph Lauren's smoke-tinted glaze, thanks to the gals over at Shanty to Chic for sharing one of their secret weapons! I left some of the glaze in the crevices of the corbels and it just naturally soaked into the imperfections on the trim, the rest I wiped off lightly.

I LOVE the results!

You could easily make a similar shelf with shelf brackets, unfinished corbels, or even antique corbels and get the same results.

Thanks for tagging along! Happy Holidays...stay warm!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous.....you have such a wonderful talent for putting display elements together!!!
    Love the song!!! ???Bruce???? Who???

  2. Absolutely love it!! You Gals have the BEST creations! Hugs, Janna

  3. gorgeous corbels! 130 miles!? oh my! I have a Home Depot about 2 miles away, and a Lowes right across the street from it.
    Everything looks fantastic!

  4. Would you hate me if I said that I am envious of your many talents?!?! ;-) I could just sip hot coffee and watch your and your Junk Sisters all day long. Beautiful! Love the white scapes you've been sharing.

  5. I love, love, love...

    The shelf is very pretty and definitely gets me into the holiday spirit! The corbels are great and the added molding just creates the exact look!

    I've actually tried a similar design and built a shelf like this over my fireplace to create a mantel and I love it.

    Great job girls!

    - Mary :)


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