Saturday, March 7, 2009

Junk Jewels Part 2

Several years ago, the Great White Hunter bought me a very pretty jewelry box that now houses many of my earrings, a few rings and a lapel pin or two. It still serves its function on my dresser top, and probably always will. However, I needed a place to hang my necklaces so that I could see them all...and of course it had to be aesthetically pleasing and somewhat junkified. During one particular "farm rescue" with SweetMelissa, we came away with a couple of beautifully ornate, somewhat battered old fames. I knew immediately what I would do with mine. After cleaning it up, adding a little gel stain and poly, I added a piece of quilt batting and fabric to some plywood and attached 3 decorative drawer pulls, which would hold the necklaces. I'm thinking after looking at this that perhaps I need to make a second one so as to better see them all!

My next dilemma was the growing amount of earrings I was acquiring, most of which have French wire hooks that become tangled when piled together. I had a smaller frame that I painted chocolate brown, rubbed with silver cream and added hardware cloth to (love that stuff!) It also sits on my dresser top, and so far I haven't run out of room on that!

Here's a close up of some earrings made by Gretchen at Mimi-Toria's Designs that have earned a spot on my new earring frame. She makes great pieces from found items, old buttons, vintage jewelry, etc. You really should check out her work!


  1. Love your post Cassie, even before I saw the wonderful comment you made about my jewelry. Now, I really love it. lol
    This is my kind of style and post. I use some of these types of elements to display and sell my pieces. Just fits so well with the styling of designs, so works well for selling too. Now though seeing this post, I realize that I need this type of thing for my own personal use, so thanks for inspiring me to make some for collections. Yikes, I may need a whole wall.
    What a wonderful post! Thanks my fried!

  2. These are so sweet! You did a lovely job and display them wonderfully! And I love those earrings you got from Gretchen!!!

  3. Love old chippy frames! They are one of my many weaknesses. I can't pass them up. And of course the chippier the better. Beautiful jewelry too! I always look forward to reading your blog. Happy Junking!jojo

  4. Oooh pretty! What great ideas...and thanks for the link to Gretchen's site. Do you ever what we did before we blogged?!

    Happy Monday, Cassie!

  5. Hi Cassie,

    Love your jewelry displays...especially the hardware cloth/earring display!

    Ps The silver pin with the stars/buttons on it looks very familiar..hhmmm..."Moonlight Creations"??.... 1990's??

  6. Love what you did on these, Cassie! They are gorgeous, and you can never seem to have enough jewelry holders. The earring you received from Gretchen are beautiful. She does a great job doesn't she! Sorry to miss you when you come down next month. You will need to just come again! Have a great time!


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