Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life is good in Montana!

My family and I just returned from our yearly ski trip to Big Sky, Montana where we enjoyed five days of skiing, two days of driving and one day of junkin’! Big Sky Country is alive and well! In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful then the mountains of Montana. Yes, God did good!

It’s an eleven hour hike from our home in Carrington, ND to the base of Lone Mountain at Big Sky Ski Resort. The drive is particularly beautiful from Bozeman to the resort. We ended up staying overnight in Bozeman the first day. I simply cannot say enough good things about this town! It's nestled in a valley with snow covered mountains completely surrounding it…who wouldn’t love to wake up to that scene every morning? This is definately a retirement option for us! Aside from the to-die-for scenery, there are neat downtown shops, (Main Street is awesome) excellent restaurants and of course, antique, thrift and home interior stores aplenty.

Hubby and I took one day off from skiing to drive back down the curvy mountain to enjoy the day in Bozeman. And with cool street names like Bear Canyon Road, Jack Rabbit Lane and Trail Creek Road, you know you’re in for an adventure. My main objective though was visiting some of my favorite antique stores I’d found over the years in previous visits. First stop was the Antique Market and adjoining Montana Country Antiques. From the highway a person is drawn in simply by the desirable objects and cool looking stuff on the wide porch! Man, if only we’d have pulled a trailer…

The Antique Market has eye catching merchandise and so many things I wanted to buy, but with so LITTLE room in our vehicle, the big stuff was left behind...(sob, sob)...

I had an enjoyable visit with the owner, Jackie, of Montana Country Antiques after I quickly eyed a “must buy” immediately after walking in the store! (I’ll post the transformation at a later date). This place is cozy and welcoming with wonderfully displayed vignettes of antiques and old finds. One entire table showcased old scales so attractively, I was drooling all over the place - it was embarrassing!
Next stop: Little Bear Antiques and Interiors. This used to be strictly an antique store, but not any more. This home interior store hosts rich textures and colors of furniture and accessories that would be perfect in any home or mountain cabin. Here’s an armoire with an interesting paint technique which I hope to be able to copy!

The last stop of the day (and we were running out of time!) was the Antique Barn. This place is very large and ther
e’s no way you could see everything in a mere hour (I tried really hard though!). There is stuff galore! Outside the building are cool old bathtubs, chippy doors and other awesome junk – or junque, as their sign displays.

A friendly, junk loving girl named Missy rang up my purchases (oh yes, I found a few things here), and of course I told her about our Junk Fest. I have a sneaking suspicion Missy will soon be heading up a Junk Fest, Montana style!


  1. Love Montana too! My youngest son plays football for Idaho State and they are in the Big Sky conference, so we drive to and through Montana alot to go to games. It really is beautiful! It is hard to get my husband to stop to go junkin. Can we use your pic with the vacancy sign to put on our blog?
    My sisters and I enjoy your blog soooo much!
    Funky Junk Sister #2

  2. So happy you love our little neck of the woods (shh--don't tell too many people how wonderful it is here Ü). I try hard not to take those amazing mountain views for granted. Next year we have to get together when you visit. Did you see where the explosion was downtown? Pretty horrible--I still smelled smoke in the air yesterday. We are Moonlight skiers and boarders, but love Big Sky too. Glad you had a safe and fun trip. Happy junking!

  3. Welcome home Andrea! It's a beautiful day to be in North Dakota...haha. You took great pictures and looks like you had a great time!

  4. Hey, it's fun to be gone, but also good to come home. The weather in Montana was the best we've ever had skiing.

    Bec4 - we did drive downtown to eat lunch and saw the explosion damage. We had heard about it on the news, but didn't hear until we got out there that a woman was killed in the incident - very sad!

    It's good to be back to blogging (I was having withdrawals!) Missy, the posts you added look GREAT! I think our picture taking abilities have gotten MUCH better, don't you?!

  5. That spice container is about the coolest thing I've seen. Love the old doors I want the blue one!! Glad you had a great time. jojo


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