Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Quirky" Junk Item...

Okay, here's the deal. I saw this item in an antique store and thought it was sorta neat. My first thought was, "what a neat looking serving utensil"...sorta fancy-dancy, you know? I love anything silver and that's what caught my eye to begin with. Well, guess what? I turned the tag over and it said, "silver antique dust pan"....HUH? I think it's too high-end looking to be a dustpan, don't you? Could it have been used in some rich person's house by their maid? It was only $2, so figured I could come up with some idea to do with it other than use as a dustpan (especially since I own a Swiffer sweeper!) Ha!

Here's an idea of the size of it...not very big.

So, tell me, blogging friends, am I just a dork and the only person who didn't know this was a dustpan...?
For now, I'll just use it to serve up a picture of my boys. Maybe this summer I'll sanitize it and use it to hold cheese cubes at my next party...with a side of dust of up later, of course.


  1. Now, I'm no expert on antiques but I would have guessed it a crumb tray, and not a dustpan.

    But's cute either way!

  2. I think it is a crumb tray as well. They would use it with a little brush so maybe that's where the dust pan came from. It's cute.

  3. I agree with SweetMelissa and Jenny. It looks like a crumb tray and probably had a cute little brush with it for sweeping crumbs off the table into the tray.

  4. I'm casting my vote for "crumb keeper" as well, although most I've seen have a cover to them. I love it with your boys' picture on it! I love silver too!

  5. Yes, it is a crumb tray. I like the way you are using it better!

  6. Well my goodness. Who would have ever thunk it. And I love how you have it displayed. Thinking outside the box girl! I love it. Have a great week and thanks for the vote.

  7.'s a crumb tray!My husband works for the Ritz Carlton. I've seen different styles of those before!You can impress your guests by cleaning their crumbs between courses!Lol! Also would be a great accessory to add to your table setting!I'm having a table setting tour if your interested. I posted about it today. Anyone is welcome to join the tour!

  8. Hey girls !

    My sister from Wisconsin just called and since she peruses my blog, she also peruses yours ! She agrees that it is what a butler would brush the crumbs onto from the table.



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