Sunday, May 31, 2009

City-wide rummage sale finds

Rummage sale season is upon us! Here are a few things I found when out-and-about on Saturday! How adorable is this plant stand...chippy green paint and rusty!? I said, "Hello, sweetheart, you're comin' home with me!"Love this casserole dish and holder, especially the handles and little "feet"! Seriously, I've always wanted one. The nice lady that sold it said she'd had it for years.This Hibachi grill is perfectly rusted and has definitely seen better days. It will no longer be a grill when I'm done with it though. I wonder if you'll recognize it after the transformation I have planned when you see it at Junk Fest?
Honestly, I was probably most excited to find myself this nice white Christmas tree for only ten bucks! So, get out there and rummage-it-up! You just never know what you will find!


  1. You gals sure find some wonderful treasues.....I see alot I would love to come home with me :) Lovin the christmas tree and can't wait to see what you do with the grill.

  2. I'm so jealous of that white tree! I've decided that I have to find one this year. And I would've grabbed that plant stand too. So pretty with those petunias!

  3. Wow you hauled it in ! I can hardly wait to see what you do with that habachi grill, lol ! I remember those from the 70's ! I am really loving that silver coffee set !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  4. Great finds, Andrea! My weekend rummaging went okay too, so I'll post some pics soon. I found a different style hibachi earlier this I can't wait to see what fun things you come up with to do with yours!!!

  5. Great blog and cool treasures you found! :)

  6. woot woot! a christmas tree for that price? bargain for sure!

    and love that casserole dish, very unusual

    happy junkin'


  7. WOW, lots of great rusty junk.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the hibachi grill.

    Have fun creating & Great Post!!


  8. Those two little sand pail shovels are sweeeet!
    The wheels are turning! Wish they were mine!!!

  9. Fun finds, looks like a good day of saling for you. Next time, I'd appreciate it if you'd link back to my party from your post, please!

  10. Just read your note, so I'm so glad you came by & found me! And with a name like Junk Girl, I know we would get along great. Again, thanks for joining the party & I hope you'll come back and play next week. We do this party every Monday.

  11. I love the plant stand and I SO want a white Christmas tree! Thanks for giving me something else to add to my garage sale list. : )

  12. Ooohhh, I really like those letter stencils and the hibachi stuff...for some reason I am in love with metal and rusty stuff today! Great finds! Check mine out too!

  13. Love all that metal and rust, *swoon*


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