Thursday, September 3, 2009

JUNKFEST is just around the corner....

...and you never know what you'll find! There will be lots of one-of-a-kind furniture pieces: dressers, console tables, occasional tables, chairs, beds, and "faux fireplaces" as well as garden art, benches, a bar or two, china hutches,, be prepared! When we say "Bring your friends and bring a trailer"...we really mean it!

You might wonder just WHO is going to do all that HEAVY LIFTING on September 12th!? We will have our fabulous "Junk Hunks" ready and waiting to load your vehicle &/or trailer for you.
If you choose to bring your own "muscle-man" along, let him know that there will be an outstanding collection of Classic Cars on the auction block in Carrington on September 12 as well. Click here for the sales bill....

.....Just make sure he knows you've got first dibbs on filling the trailer!! See ya there. Lynette


  1. It sounds wonderful, I wish I could be there!!
    Mmmm, I need a 'junk hunk', where do you find them?Lol

  2. "JUNK HUNK"!!! I love should have them wearin t-shirts that say that! It's great!

  3. Well...we WERE going to have them wear t-shirts that said "Junk Hunk" but we didn't want the ego to go to their heads!! So we settled for "Got Junk?" Just find one of them handy fellers, and you've got it made. All the heavy stuff will be carried for you!

  4. lol I love that! Junk Hunks!

    A few years ago, while at Quilt Market, someone's better half had his own t-shirt and even business cards that stated his title: Stash Pimp. lol Too fun!


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