Friday, September 11, 2009

We've been AWOL

Have you noticed that we've been away for a while? That's because we're busy getting ready for JunkFest '09! You might think we're enjoying a relaxing day at the spa, when actually we're rolling out the red carpet and putting on our best party dresses for the big day! Stay tuned for details and pics in the coming week! Thanks for your patience!!


  1. Sending all my best, ladies!!
    Your Sister-in-Junk,

  2. Wow guys. It just keeps getting better. I really don't know how you out-do yourselves every year!


    WE had a GREAT time, all the junk was junkerific, and I just love my new junk ! Chalk up another successful Junk-Fest. . .

    Now, I do have just one request. . . Please don't make me decide next year between you and the Little Falls, Mn. craft show ( which is always the first weekend after Labor Day ). Of course, you see which one I chose this year ! I wish you guys could make it to that sometime too though. .

    NOW I have something to blog about. . .my new JUNK ! ( I have been a bad blogging girl this summer) - but now I am in the mood and plan to catch up

    again, thanks for all your hard work and I am all tired out and heading for a nap, I will bet you gals are too. . .once your day is officially over ! So, do you get together and have a little "junk-party" afterwards ? I think you need to celebrate, AND relax !

    Nice seein' ya !


  4. Oh, how I wished I could be there :( Maybe next year! Hope you had a phenominal, stupendous, terrific sale!



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