Sunday, September 27, 2009

Before & After

One of my favorite pieces at JunkFest this year was a faux fireplace mantel that I "rehabbed" from it's original state. The mantel was pretty much already assembled and in place as a faux fireplace. It was just really ugly and in need of a facelift. You may recall from earlier posts that I'm a bit forgetful when it comes to taking "before" pics of anything. I did happen to get one shot of it before I tore it apart.

There she is, in all her fake brick beauty. She was actually sitting on a hearth made of those very same realistic looking bricks, but I decided to leave them behind. It was work enough just wrestling the fireplace away from the wall, what with the 40 or so 6" nails it was secured with! Okay, there were only 2 nails, whatever. I removed the top trim pieces so that I could re-use them, but had to cut a new that would be deep enough to accomodate the most fabulous vintage corbels that my father-in-law found for me (yay Ed! keep it comin'!)

After much color contemplation, I decided to do a white/stain overlay finish. First, I primed the entire piece with Kilz spray primer. I was liking how it looked so far, but it needed some extra "oomph" so I took apart an ornate little side table and used a piece from that to adorn the panel below the mantel shelf. Here she is primed and painted with flat white paint. Just needs a good sanding and staining for that time-worn look.

This last picture is the best "after" shot I had, and it was taken the morning of JunkFest...just before the madness began. I used a vintage chippy mirror in the insert and some ornate gold frames on top of the mantel. I was secretly hoping that no one would want her so I could bring her back home with me! But, shortly after the sale started, she was going out the door and headed to a new home. Oh well, lesson learned! Just so someone gets to enjoy her!

Check back soon for our very first give-away! And no, it's not a fireplace mantel...sorry!


  1. Gorgeous makeover, glad to see you all are back. I had to take some time off to recoupe, I was in Junk and work overload, sorry Andrea that I have been bad on the emails, please forgive me!! The #'s arrived safely. I think I am now back up and running on the Junk hunt agian!! Tootles, Janna

  2. LOVE IT! I am glad you posted it... it makws me want to get mine re-painted and re-vamped for the fall season for ;)


  3. That looks so neat! You are just super talented and imaginative.

  4. Great job.. this piece turned out beautiful!

  5. Oh, it turned out lovely! I had a chance to get a really great mantel like that for $25 at a garage sale. I've always wanted a fireplace, and it would've been perfect, but hubby thought it would look stupid. Boy, do I wish I hadn't listened to him! What does he know about decorating?!!

  6. Hi there.
    I just discovered your blog, and I am loving everything about it! Your music has me dancing in my chair. ;) Actually, I have a lot of it on my own player. I guess that's why I love yours.
    You've gained a new faithful follower, girls.


  7. Wow, girl! Love what you did with that mantle. No wonder it was snatched up so quickly. You did an amazing job on it. And did I hear you say giveaway???? Sounds like something right up my alley. Take care!


  8. Just popped into your blog! Love it. I have a fireplace mantle similar to that in my garage (minus the faux bricks) that I'm itching to re-do! Happy Fall Ya'll!

  9. I love it!! I don't know how you were able to part with that piece!! I am not so good at that part, I like to keep it all, but soon that will just not even be possible!



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