Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great Junk for Sale!

Attention Junkers! I've got a few fun things left that didn't sell at Junk Fest! I am posting these items I personally LOVE and thought some of you junkers may be interested in them. If you attended Junk Fest, give any of us girls a call to see if that item you can't forget about is still for sale!

The first item of mine is ONE of these pillows...the other sold. The pillows inside (new) are queen sized and the burlap was used. I cleaned and ironed the burlap and stenciled numbers in black. I stitched the ends with twine and knotted them at the top and bottom. The price is $35, plus s/h. How fun in a bedroom, porch or cabin?Here's an adorable little rusty stove. It's dimensions are 12x11x12. The inside could store cookbooks or the door left open to sit a plant in. The grate-like shelf is removable. Adorable? I think so!
Here's a close up of the front. It would also be functional in a bathroom holding lotions and bath essentials. Only $18 bucks!I love old safety deposit boxes. This one is only $14.The "label" is from a page in an old dictionary - the meaning of "home", but can be taken out. Sorry, I don't have the key, but the top opens and does shut tightly.This was a filing drawer that once held nuts and bolts. The label is actually original to the piece...only $12.For now it'll sit by my back entry and hold car keys.
Who the heck doesn't love an old rusty scale? Evidently this year's Junk Fest shoppers! It's only $12! For now, I'll leave it on my dining room table surrounded by fall decor. Again, this could also be used in a bathroom holding that extra roll of toilet paper...
This rusty piece made it to the sale, but for $18 bucks must have been too spendy. I decided to get out my new stencils and put my address on it. Love it filled with hydrangeas in my family room. This piece is no longer for sale, but if you live close to Carrington, give me a buzz and for a small fee I will stencil number(s) on an item or items you already have...Remember, shoot me an email if you're interested in any of the items I've listed for sale. Thanks so much for looking! Andrea


  1. Hi Junk Girl-
    OM Gosh, what wonderful treasures!!! I love it all :) The burlap pillows really caught my eye :) You only have one left???? Please email me at I want the burlap pillow. It is D.E.L.I.S.H!!! and would be perfect for a bench I am revamping.

  2. I wonder how much it would cost to ship the little stove to 85203? It is adorable and I have just the place to put it. Is it that flaking off all the time rust or the stable rust that doesn't come off on your hands? My husband actually gets freaky about the flaking off kind. Here's my e-mail:

  3. Cute stuff! I am looking to stencil on a Parson's chair. Was it easy? I would appreciate any tips as the fabric is already on the chair- so it is a 1 shot deal!

  4. Hi! I'm new to ND and junk fest was a great time.

    Do you know of any art/craft fairs that are happening in the Jamestown (or Bismarck or Fargo) region between now and Christmas? I'm an artist and would love to join some to sell... if I knew where they were!


  5. Laura - the Buffalo City Mall in Jamestown sometimes has craft shows. I see on on "the Big Calendar" (CSI cable's webpage) for Oct 10. There is also a Christmas Craft fair at Jamestown Civic Center the weekend after Thanksgiving.

  6. I have lots of junk and i wish I could start an online store to get rid of me junk!!! Do you have any suggestions or call me @ 334-798-9045?????

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