Monday, November 2, 2009

It's time.

Time to share a bit of a recent junking adventure some of us JunkGirls were on.

There's something about those two pieces sitting next to each other, don't ya think?

Now...THAT'S what I'm talking about!!

Cassie, Andrea, and I (Lynette wasn't able to make this run, but she'll be there next time!!) decided it possibly just might be that perfect piece for my kitchen. WOOHOO!
I felt a little guilty, getting two of the larger items of our wares....but these two pieces come with a need for some serious elbow grease. I'll be posting the "after" pics as soon as it's in the kitchen!


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with the chippy two pieces. What is that in picture 3? A table top? Y'all have fun together! What do you do when y'all all want the same thing? I have the first to touch it rule with one girlfriend. We're pretty funny trying to bluff our way ahead of the other sometimes. haha ~Mindy

  2. Mindy -yes, that's a table top - a metal one! The back side has a great graphic on it.

    We always draw #'s and then take turns picking - I got the table top! I have a plan for it in my house...keep checking back for an update on that. Andrea

  3. Oh my lord. I just found your blog through Aging Disgracefully, and am I ever glad I did!This is my kind of site!!

  4. Ooh my!!! I'm loving all of the bowls! Who got those?!?! You know me and bowls....

    I cannot wait to see that piece -- or shall I say pieces -- in your kitchen!

  5. Cassie, thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure if she'll ship, but you can contact her at (979) 251-7788 and let her know you saw her things on my blog. She may not know I took pictures because I didn't tell her. Thanks, Theresa

  6. Those two look like a marriage made in heaven!

  7. Hi Cassie! ooh I love those two chippy pieces together! You asked me how to pronounce Puyallup the town where I live. Pew al up. Washington is full of indian names.
    hey thanks for always leaving such nice comments. You guys have a fab blog!


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