Monday, November 16, 2009

Rue 54

Since the sun was shining and the skies were clear, I decided to take myself on a little drive one day last week.....a "birthday drive" if you will. I went to Harvey, ND to check out two shops I had been wanting to peruse. Que Sera is the name of a quirky little antiques/coffee shop, which I'll feature in another post. Today we're going to tour Rue 54. This shop has it all! From gourmet coffee beans, gifts, plants, fresh flowers and rustic repurposed items to some of the most fabulous wines, Rue 54 doesn't disappoint.

The display pieces were very cleverly utilized....check out the gorgeous greenery!
Here's a great storage piece, adorned with the ever-popular numbers. That weathered door in the background aint too shabby either! Or is it?

This picture doesn't do justice to the perfectly chippy aqua hue of this old trunk holding plush bath towels.

Love the color on this vintage dresser...looks great with fall colors!

For you wine lovers, (you know who you are!) there's a great selection of wines to suit every taste. I may or may not have brought home a bottle or two. Just sayin'.

Who says you can't have a barrel for a side table?

And, of course, there are candles....

I almost squealed out loud when I saw this great library ladder. But the owner wouldn't let me buy it. Rats.

I also got a little excited when I saw this dress form....I almost didn't notice that it was covered with wonderful jewelry!

This door had hints of aqua blue peeking out from under the chippy white. Looked great hanging horizontal above a rather cool fireplace!

Here's that fireplace....LOVE the fleur de lis on it! And that door.....!

Thanks for coming along with me to Rue 54. If ever you're in Harvey, its' worth the stop!


  1. That library ladder would've made me squeal too! And NEVER get me near vintage jewelry. You'll never drag me away! Looks like a great place, and not too far from me. Maybe I'll get the chance to stop in one day!

  2. I have a door just like that...waiting for a new call in life...this just might be it!!!

  3. Wonderful stuff! I'll have to find an opportunity soon to head to Harvey!! Fun shops! Que Sera is great too. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics!

  4. Cassie, looks like a great place to shop :) Love the library ladder! Funky Junque has one, too, but she won't sell hers either :(


  5. just fabulous! thank you for taking the photos to share. (oh - and please know that i read all of your posts, but often have trouble leaving a comment - it takes a long time to load?! it might be just my computer, but i wanted to let you know that i'm friendlier than it might seem;)


  6. Oooh...thanks for the tour, Cassie! And Rue 54 is practically in my back yard!

  7. Looks like a great shop. Thanks for sharing it with us. By the way, where is Harvey, ND??? Never heard of it, and to have two shops?? Que Sera is a shop in the Galleria in Edina, Minnesota. I used to sell jewelry to them years ago, so will be fun to see what this ND Que Sera is all about. Will wait for your next post.


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