Monday, November 23, 2009

My PB Knockoff

I love you Pottery Barn. Your prices? Not so much. I've been eyeballing a pharmacy-style floor lamp in the PB catalog for some time now, but it refuses to go on sale. For $299 I can get this baby:

Gorgeous, eh? Or, for a mere $199 I can select from these:

Here's a little something about me you may not know: I'm a lamp wh_re. You fill in the blank. I have a tendency to buy/change out lamps quite often. It doesn't make me a bad person. I think I sold 6 (or more) lamps at my last garage sale. When you can get lamps for $15-$20 at places like Gordman's, why not treat them like fashion accessories?
I happened across this beauty at Home Depot the other day. Notice it's shiny nickel finish? Not exactly what I was shooting for, but us junk girls know how to remedy situations like this.

Rustoleum now has an oil-rubbed bronze spray paint that was just the color I was looking for. So for $69 and a few bucks for the spray paint, this is what I got:

The above picture is a truer indication of the color. The photo below makes the lamp look more graphite in color. Either way, not the shiny nickel it once was.

Yeah, I know I need a pillow or throw for the chair. And maybe a little something on the wall. I'm getting there. I just wanted to show you my PB knock-off! What do you think?


  1. You're one smart gal, same cool look at 1/4 of the price. Love it! I really love the look of all your autumn accessorized shelving from the previous post! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Cassie, I love it. I too love PB but not the prices. So cool when you can get the look for less. That is what us junkers thrive for I think. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  3. Great Job ! and a good lesson for all of us ! I love looking through those catalogs ( Sturbridge Yankee Workshop & the Country House are some of my favorites) but most of the things I REALLY love, I figure I can make ( that is if I want it bad enough ! )

    Love your new picture on top. . . you gals look great "framed" !

    Happy T Day !


  4. Clever girl!! You fabulousized it and then some!

    ...and you're not a lamp wh*re. (ok, maybe just a little bit) ;)

  5. That's what I love the most about blogging...I get to learn something new every day!
    Your lamp looks like it could be the PB catalog.

  6. I think you are genius!!! And I think that perhaps there are some lamps awaiting your ;-)

  7. Love the shape of your new lamp, and of course the "new" color! You're not alone in the world of lamp lust! :)

  8. Love what you've done with this lamp Cassie. Great inspiration and a fabulous idea.
    Stop over and see my blog. I finally have the 100th post give away going on now. Ha! It only took me 103 posts to do it though.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you girls.


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