Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deck the Halls!

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it's time to start Decking the Halls, don't you agree?!
Or, deck the doors, as I did! This summer I rescued this old crusty door. Yep. When I was out for a walk I eyed it leaned up against someones garage and my heart did a couple flips! It looked pretty cool from the street. I grabbed my cell, called my oldest son who was crusin' Main and made him help me load it in the vehicle before the owner could change her mind! Of course my son was appalled, but I thought it had definite possibilities!
A few days ago I taped off a pattern and sprayed the glass with frosted paint and added the vinyl letters from Hob details on it, huh?Next up: Wreath making the easy way! At this years' Junk Fest I bought a couple round grates Cassie was selling and knew exactly what one of them was going to be at Christmas. This new "wreath" is hung above the fireplace in my family room.
Very simple. No poofy ribbon. I just added a little JINGLE instead. It's tied to the rusty handle on the old grain bin door my dad saved for me. Love that dang door. It stays up all year long.
My other idea for a holiday wreath you've all seen before, but here's how mine turned out. First, I dug out an old frame I decided not to sell at Junk Fest (truly a miracle-for once I was thinking ahead!)......hung it up along with the fresh green wreath the LYO kids were selling...(the ribbon was a nice color and I didn't even have to change it out this year...) Here's where I added some "bling"...a few crystals and a couple metal numbers. The countdown to the 25th begins!Again, the end result is simple, yet pretty, don't you think?Yeah, keeping it simple - that's my goal this holiday season. Now go! Get busy and deck those halls, walls, doors, windows, etc., etc.! Have fun!


  1. What great ideas for the holidays!!! Everything is wonderful! I need to pass your blog along to lots of people I know would love it! Thanks for sharing, Dawn

  2. Wonderful decorating ideas! I like your blog..very inspiring.


  3. cool metal wreath with the jingle on it.


    barbara jean

  4. I really love your style of holiday decorating! I just can't get enough of that wonderfully awesome door, wow!

  5. I'm digging the wreath framed!

  6. Hey Girly....IN LOVE with the darn door!!! I really am liking that metal wreath... I have an old metal wheel in the garage that's going to get some white paint!! Great ideas.... Hugs, Janna

  7. What great wreath ideas! I've been battling the wreath problem for years, and even this year's homemade one didn't really do it for me. I'm going to start scouring the thrift stores and antique shops!

  8. LOVe LOVE LOve that metal wreath idea....oh boy now the wheels are turning!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    :) Laura

  9. Love the round grate as a wreath. I mean, totally, totally love it! Oh gosh, you make me NEED to move to an old farmhouse! ARRRGGGHHHHH, people! Must you spread discontent among us women whose husband don't love rust but are otherwise perfect?????? (sorry, I tend to be dramatic on occassion)

  10. What a great post Andrea. Love the metal round wreath idea. I have several currently waiting inspiration in my garage stash, and hope to do something cool like yours. Also, have the exact same wreath as yours, and it was perfect right down to the ribbon color this year. Our house is green, so perfect.
    Love the additional stuff you added, I've not gotten to that yet. Just threw out the pumpkins on Friday.
    Great post!

  11. I so love your wreath idea. I'm off to sort through my old frames right now. Your blog is a vintage lovers dream.

  12. LOVE it!!! Now, just ship it down here to the Yaya! :) Thanks for stoppin' by the yaya sweetie...have a beautiful and successful holiday season! xo...deb

  13. I'll deck the halls, but I refuse to don gay apparel. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

    The white wreath is great and I like the jingle.


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