Friday, July 9, 2010

Farm Implement Candleholder

I'm just not sure. Maybe it's the fact I grew up on a farm or the fact I am just a girl crazy over rust - but dang it - I am loving this part from a piece of farm machinery!
The bugger is heavy, of course.

Adding some old metal clock faces from my new junk buddy, Kathy, a/k/a Sylvia's Vintage Daughter, worked nicely as a good base to sit the candles on! Whatcha think? (I believe my farmer dad would be proud of this landfill save!)
Tell me,
if this was for sale at
would YOU buy it?

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


  1. LOVE it!!!! I too have fallen in love with rusty farm machinery and get excited about going to the local feed/seed/tractor store to see what I can create! :)

  2. Andrea, love this! I'm with you about farm pieces,though I was never raised on a farm. Just happen to always work at them (i.e. State FARM, Round BARN, and the Buffalo Nickel which is in a barn). You have great style, girlfriend! PS I love the clock faces, too. Kathy really scored on those!


  3. Rusty? Check. Metal? Check? Heavy? Check. You've met all the criteria for great junk!

  4. I love it!!! Another outside of the box idea that is totally awesome. Your dad would probably think you were a little crazy but would love the fact that you love what you grew up with.

  5. Andrea - that farm piece is SO cool, oh - and the clock faces fit perfectly...a match made in junk heaven!

    I've got some more clock faces for you - will send pics soon!

    I just love your rusty junk style!

    Hugs from Ohio, Kathy

  6. Really cool! Love the clock faces. I probably would buy this. Following you now.
    That's what you get for posting cool junk!

  7. Oh yeah-I would buy it!!!!!!!
    Id be happy if I could just find some clock faces at this point!

  8. I love rust too...this is great!

  9. Love your blog, just found you...LOVE the rusty farm thing. Looks great on that table. Love to follow:)
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  10. This is awesome Andrea! Great use for those clock faces!

  11. One of my favs ever! Make sure you come back and enter this one under centerpieces next weekend too. :)


  12. gorgeous! It has the perfect amount of rust and a sprinkling of typography - great combo!


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