Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspiration photo's and a junkin' trip!

This morning I killed my back (lifting a near empty laundry basket - go figure), so tonight I decided since I'm on ice and can't work on my junk projects for JunkFest 2010 I will try and find some inspiration in some saved photo's. While doing that I ran across photo's of the trip we junk girls made in May to Minneapolis. I heart Minneapolis! Cassie already posted some great photo's of our trip, so I'll only throw in pics she didn't. I do manage to take pictures of various things along the way for inspiration so thought I'd show them. Plus, I wanna show ya what I bought!

First stop...HUNT & GATHER. Holy. Awesome. Junkin'. Store. Sweet Melissa looks like she's moving in and stayin' put!
I snapped this photo of the girls while they scoped out the front of the building...then I RAN inside!
This is where I found round paper charts for a whopping 20 cents each...isn't that an outrageous price?! (Just kidding!) I plan to use them as place mats for a future table scape. Cool huh?
I bought these dishes at Hunt & Gather also. They will also be part of my tablescape. For the life of me I can't remember what the O.E.S. stands for. Help me out, people! I guess who really cares? The "S" stands for Star...and I love the star! Might as well show you the napkins...I bought these numbered lovely's from Pottery Barn when we stopped there since there's no PB in North Dakota. That's another great store, isn't it? These were in their clearance bin.
This red "R" reminded me of my high school marching band days in Ray, where I played clarinet...too funny! (They have EVERYTHING imaginable for sale at this store...see what I mean?!)

Then, we stopped at Anthropologie. Sigh. The displays mixed with old junk were fab!

I debated about purchasing this A & B. First initials of my name and my hubby's name...he would probably think it was weird though, so I passed on them! Why didn't I buy the &?
I mean...get real...how cool is this?

I'm pretty sure Lynette and Cassie never did come to a decision on which hardware they liked better...

Hello...you are scrumptious!

We nearly ran out of time, but had heard about City Salvage in downtown Minneapolis and wanted to stop...I snapped a photo of their store name outside on this bathtub...fun!
Can you believe only me, myself and I fell in love with the metal, rusty Colonel Sanders at City Salvage?! I seriously debated buying him, but found out he was NOT FOR SALE! So, I just have the memories and photo to remember him by! Sweet Melissa hit the jackpot of all old flash card jackpots...don't even remember which store at this point, sorry...
It took her 2-3/4 hours to decide which ones she was buyin'... ;)...all I remember was I was starving and ready to eat!

So we did. They have the best lettuce wraps in the world. The whole wide world.

Gotta go change my ice pack. Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me! Remember, keep your eye out for inspiration...it really is everywhere!


  1. Looks like a great trip! Sorry about the back..I have the same stuff...it's really a PAIN when it flares up...
    Love your blog!
    Tammy :-)

  2. Get better quick!! Love the trip down memory lane...a wonderful time with my "junk" sistas! Man, there was sooooo much to see I didn't even remember everything in the pictures. (I DO, however, remember diggin through that fabulous pile of flashcards...at the Moorhead Antique Mall)


  3. Rats! You take care of that back! Get well...from me & the Colonel!

  4. Oh, so sorry about your back...Us hard junkers need to remember to stay st-reached out...I loved your little trip down memory lane! Take it easy, I know you've got a lot going on! Lezlee

  5. Hate to hear that about your back. Never a good time for back pain. Thanks for sharing the pics of Minn. I have been there once years ago and went to Art & Architecture and remember buying two chippy light switchplate covers! I was flying so what ever I bought had to fit in my bag! I wasn't leaving without buying something! Is that store still there?
    Love your blog!

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon! I love Hunt and Gather, too! OES stands for Order of the Eastern Star- the women's organization of the masonic order...

  7. i'm chuckling because i have a real "issue" with flash cards, too:) i can never decide which ones to buy!


  8. What a fun trip - thanks for sharing!
    (Hope the back feels better SOON!)


  9. I'm so sorry about your back. But thanks for taking us on this wonderful journey anyway. I think I need to move North. You guys would be fun to hang out with (can I play, too?) AND I just love the idea of wearing a coat...ever...anywhere...anytime.

    But that could just be the unrelenting triple digit heatstroke talking.


    Sending you a gentle, healing hug!

  10. Andrea - great pics and what a trip!!! May in Minnesota (and a few "sprinkles" of snow) was awesome - and so great to meet you girls too!!!!

    Looks like I need to visit City Salvage next time- what fun!!

    Take care (of your back) and have a great weekend!!


  11. I'm not sure from what blog stop I came from to get to yours, but wow so glad I finally found you. We seem to be two peas in a pod. Loved the fab photos. I'll visit again, just getting ready to read your old post. Till again, Happy Hunting!

  12. So this is going to be the strangest comment ever, but, as an English teacher, I just really need to know about that P.F. Chang sign....is it really supposed to say $3 p.m. to $6 p.m.???? What are those dollar signs doing there???


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