Monday, July 26, 2010

Faux Fireplace

What do you get when you mix 2 old chippy white square columns, some weathered corral boards and a fleur de lis? A fireplace!

Here are the columns I started with...not sure what they were from. Don't they just scream "fireplace" to you? See those 2 unfinished pieces to the left? They're screaming "quit procrastinating and finish me!!"

After de-constructing the columns to learn that 2 sides from each had about a one inch lip on the edges, I set about removing that lip so the boards would lay flush side-by-side. Sorry for the blurry picture.

Next, I layed the boards out to determine my width and hope like heck I'd have enough for the sides. Did I have a plan sketched out? Did I measure? Nope...100% eyeballing at this point!

Next, I flipped the face boards over and secured them all together with some glue and horizontal planks. So far, so good.

Once I had the form all together, I trimmed the top & bottom and added some thick plywood for a back. Then (this time I measured) I cut the opening.

Dry fit the mantel, eyeballed some more...lookin' pretty good. Attached the mantel and a beefy corral board for the bottom. Darkened with a secret stain/paint combo for some contrast...

Next I embellished the front with a metal fleur de lis to "French" her up!

And her she is....finished and ready for JunkFest! Are you?

I'm showing this beauty off at Miss Mustard Seeds FFF, over here, and Funky Junk Interior's SNS...over here. Pop over to see all the great repurposes & inspiration!


  1. VERY clever! I love repurposing things, and you remade it all.

    Lovely (and I HEART the fleur de lis)


  2. This is pretty darn cool, nicely done!! I love the fleur de lis, it adds a touch of sophistication:)

    Great job!


  3. I LOVE it, I don't have a fireplace and have been thinking of something like this, lov the huge fleur de lis! lezlee

  4. Wow, what a junk girl can do, I love it. The dark against the white looks perfect. I want a Junk Fest in my town!

  5. That's just brilliant!
    I'm having a heck of a time finding an affordable mantle, maybe I'll just make my own. :-)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  6. Cassie, this is just great! It will be a wonderful piece to have at our sale! :)


  7. I need one of these. Quickly. It is only going to be 101 today (with 80 percent humidity) ... it's practically a cold spell here. This will go great with my flannel sheets! ha!

  8. Amazing Cassie.....wish you could give me a build it lesson!!
    Happy day!

  9. Cassie, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I love when people leave comments, it brings me to new blogs, which I must say I love this blog! Especially when I saw the playlist...I think we might be singing the same tunes in the shower. Just saw Uncle Kracker at the fair! He was awesome and I think the average age was well...over 30 let's say. Thinking I might have to buy a plane ticket to your next event, looks like fun! I did a post on a homeless fireplace I had laying around, wish I would of had those columns to use for the backside.

  10. That is a thing of beauty.. I'm upgrading mine to something similar. Yours is beeeeutiful.

  11. What a cute makeover! You are very good, what a creative "save"!!
    Carol in GA


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