Sunday, July 11, 2010

R U Green with Envy?

One thing I can tell you about JunkFest...there's something for everyone! Each of us 4 JunkFest Girls have different tastes and with that comes a variety of repurposed creations and merchandise like you've never seen. In the last post, Andrea shared a bit of the funky rusty touch with you. Love it! And here, I want to share with you a bit of vintage primitive. I recently picked up this wonderful handmade tool trug from some friends that have a keen eye for vintage, antique, and the unique, and quite frankly...they have a great eye for superb JUNK.

The craftsmanship is like you seldom see on modern products. Reinforced with metal corners and bound by leather straps, you'll rarely see such a sweet find in original form. (take note, I haven't washed it yet!)

I love it just the way it is. You'll find this tool trug at JunkFest In Carrington, ND, September 11, 2010. You never may look just like this...or it may be different.

What would you do with this trug? paint it? plant flowers in it? display it in your house?

tell me! tell me!


  1. I would leave the way it is, not paint it... Love it, Lezlee

  2. I would wipe a light stain over it, just to warm it up...sure wish the one I have had a great color like this!


  3. Love this... what a great piece! I love the way it is!

  4. Just a little soapy water would work for me! Love it! Just may have to make it mine!!

  5. I wouldn't paint it and I would put it somewhere in my home. I love it's personality.

  6. We would Bri wax or stain & lacquer it. Just to prevent more paint from peeling. Great piece!

  7. I would give it a coating of something to enrich the color and do something to preserve the leather and use it in a room for storing stuff!!! debbie

  8. A little bath with soapy water and a light coating of Briwax or something similar would do it for me. It would then sit atop another wooden box and the two would become an end table. Love it!!


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